November 29, 2015

Where The Deer Are

While the world continues on its merry journey to perdition, I was out hunting Bambi. Alas, Bambi got the memo and was no where to be found. Same for his cousins. Three days of ... well, I pretty much spent camping.

Yesterday (No Bambi Saturday) was extra special. Thick fog rolled in to keep the rain company and Bambi could have been twerking 20 yards in front of me and I wouldn't have seen him.

Where the deer are, I will never be.
Surely Heaven knows, all the bucks and does
Stay far away from meeeeee.

Where the deer are, I wait impatiently
Where the deer are...
Where the deer are...
Where the deer are, please be there for meeeeee.


Doom said...

Too bad about no deer. Truly. But if you didn't have a news source, that might have been worth it. *crossing eyes*

LL said...

Is there snow? Is there sign that the deer are moving in or around you? Maybe it's time to pick another place to hunt.

sig94 said...

Doom - as far as I can see, everything is on the Lord's hands. So tighten your seat belts cause the ride's gonna get bumpy.

LL - all kinds of sign... scat, rubs, tracks, etc. My grandson shot TWO deer not 50 yards from me. Boom boom less than ten seconds apart. I've been in two different locations with the same results. Both of them with extensive old growth apple orchards so there's all kinds of deer using them for food. *sigh*

LL said...

I remember driving through an area during hunting season. A nice buck on one side of a tall hay stack. Hunters were on the other. As the hunters moved, so did the deer.

Even though I had a rifle in the truck with me at the time, I didn't have the heart to shoot the buck and let him have his fun.

underground pewster said...

The woods are crawling with 'em, and the highways are littered with 'em down here in South Carolina. I think the most effective hunting tactic has to be loading up the car and careening down the interstate. You are bound to hit one sooner or later.