December 3, 2015

Muslim Terrorists - What A Surprise

Now that Islamic terrorists have once again openly, savagely, wantonly and gleefully murdered American citizens on American soil, surely the media and government officials will leap into action to prevent any further slaughter of innocents. San Bernardino is the final wake up call announcing the true intentions of Islam- submission or else.

Guess again. It's "Never let a crisis go to waste" time.
Per the liberals, it's the fault of the NRA, gun nuts and Islamophobes.
CNN reports.


LL said...

I hope that America is smart enough NOT to elect Hillary...even if she does run the country from inside a jail cell.

Gorges Smythe said...

You never REALLY expected otherwise; did you?

Kid said...

It is truly amazing that people can't figure out what the problem is.

Doom said...

It isn't people who haven't figured it out. It is a government and press who have decided to dictate the terms of how these things are tended and what they are called.

It has been decided by them to lie as they wish. They know the truth, just as we do. They are just proving that Americans, and really Westerners, don't have the guts to stand up and defend themselves. They will keep shoveling it down throats until they are stopped. And, after all I have seen, I don't see anyone really interested in stopping it.

You know, when sheep are attacked, they just stand there and take it. They bleat, of course. But they don't try to flee or resist, and certainly don't fight back. That is what I am seeing. There are some of us who do what we can. But I am certainly not going to defend those who won't defend themselves, or who hate me for believing in self-defense. Especially when those people would just as likely see me in jail right along with those who were murdering them or trying to murder them. I think they deserve each other, and will let them go at it until one smartens up or dies, and then it's my turn to be attacked. I won't help those who won't help themselves. Neither will God, if you read the big book even lightly.

sig94 said...

This is not complacency or ignorance on behalf of the government/media/Wall Street oligarchy ... it is a plan to eliminate Christianity and its moral imperatives. Get rid of the guns so that when the heathen immigrants attack us, we are defenseless.In a republic they have to give a semblance of legality for the public funds they steal. In an Islamic tyranny, they can be entirely open about it.