January 9, 2016

Texas ... Yeah

Teas Gov. Greg Abbott has thrown down the gauntlet. 
Texas Governor Greg Abbott made good on his promise to challenge President Obama’s gun control initiatives Friday, calling for a Constitutional Convention of US states to create several new amendments aimed at reasserting states’ rights.

Among nine proposed amendments, “The Texas Plan” aims to prohibit Congress from regulating activity that occurs wholly within one state. Another amendment requires Congress to balance its budget, and another allows a two-thirds majority of states to override a US Supreme Court decision.
Story here.


Doom said...

I read that. I honestly hope the states do find some pluck. Along with the people. None can do it alone. There is still going to have to be blood. And it is getting ugly. Too bad, but without blood tyranny will reign. Though it'll go both ways. Watching Oregon for now, would be there if I could.

LL said...

I will be watching this closely.

jenny said...

Awesome. Very.

Kid said...

That's good stuff. I'd love to see one where Congress cannot make laws that apply to the people but not to them and vice-versa.

Doom said...


Definitely add that.