February 19, 2016

Australia Buried Its F-111's

From this-

To this-

Kinda sad, no? Makes me think that as the plane knelt down someone put a bullet behind its cockpit.

From Urban Ghosts:
November 2011 was a rough month for aviation enthusiasts in Australia. Over the course of four days from the 21st to the 24th, the Royal Australian Air Force elected to bury 23 of its retired F-111 strike jets that hadn’t been selected for preservation. This article details their final mission – via low loader to the Swanbank landfill outside Ipswich, Queensland.


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Seems like a strange thing to do.

LL said...

Why wouldn't you put them in a park for kids to climb on?

sig94 said...

We used to have a gutted F-102 up on a pedestal outside one of our county parks. Some years back it suddenly disappeared, pedestal and all. I don't go by that road very often and it took some time to notice that it was gone. I really liked seeing it there as a reminder of our aviation prowess.