February 3, 2016

German Hospitality - Then & Now

Deutsche Gastfreundschaft Für die Juden
(German Hospitality)

Deutsche Gastfreundschaft Für Moslems



Doom said...

I have some suspicion that the elites there, and elsewhere in Europe, seem to go too wrong so often that they create the very problems that lead to deep evils. Bringing in vast numbers of people who don't believe simple truths, such as that rape is criminal and evil, or that beating women is just fine, or that murdering their guests even is okay since they aren't islamic? Yeah. I'm not sure if it is outside money, access to oil and other fuels, or just a corruption due to access to power that has made not only their but our elites endanger us with foreigners so that we may be fighting for our very lives, but certainly for our way of life.

Our leaders, now and then, are leading us to destruction, one way or another.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Why does the left have to bend over so far and take it in the ass for this 7th century scum?

Kid said...

The libtards believe that appeasement will take them out of islam. It will lead them into islam with no escape.
Damn they dumb.