May 28, 2016


Intel is now available that SecState Hillary Clinton's private email server was the source of several failed US counterterrorism operations.
A retired senior State Department military adviser claims that Hillary Clinton’s “sloppy communications with her senior staff” when she was secretary of state may have compromised at least two counterterrorism operations.

Bill Johnson, who was the State Department’s political adviser to the special operations section of the U.S. Pacific Command, or PACOM, in 2010 and 2011, says secret plans to eliminate the leader of a Filipino Islamist separatist group and intercept Chinese-made weapons components being smuggled into Iraq were repeatedly foiled.

Johnson says he and his team eliminated the possibility of other security leaks before settling on the unprotected telephone calls of the secretary of state and her aides as the likely source—though he quickly adds they have “no proof.”

“I had several missions that went inexplicably wrong, with the targets one step ahead of us,” Johnson tells Newsweek in an exclusive interview.

Clinton’s spokesman Nick Merrill calls the allegations "patently false."
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H/T Daily Timewaster

One of those blown operations was against the Muslim militant group Abu Sayyaf. 

Seriously, how much longer before the indictments come out?


Kid said...

Unreal Sig. At a loss for words here. Over

LL said...

But - but - but - she's a woman.

Euripides said...

Clinton’s spokesman Nick Merrill calls the allegations "patently false."

Of course Clinton would immediately respond this way. Even when confronted with facts, this is the Clinton stand.

sig94 said...

Kid - I feel the same way. When will the circus end?

sig94 said...

LL - just need a shorter length of rope. She's got a little neck.

sig94 said...

Euripides - Baghdad Nick shoots from the hip.