May 26, 2016

Trump Makes Time

Don't tell Donald Trump that there is no time to sing our national anthem.
Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump held a rally Wednesday at the Anaheim Convention Center in California amid a heavy police presence.

Security was heightened because of the violent protests at his New Mexico rally on Tuesday night. There, anti-Trump crowds lit items on fire and hurled them at police, reportedly injuring several law enforcement officers.

[...] During his opening speech, Trump addressed the roaring crowd and then said, “I got here and they all said we have a great crowd but we don’t have time for the national anthem. I said, ‘Yes we do, we have time for the national anthem.'”

He then introduced Cherri Wilkens, who took the stage while the crowd chanted, “USA! USA!” Wilkens went on to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and the audience cheered loudly once she was finished.
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Euripides said...

Even if completely political, this is still a strong move on Trump's part.

sig94 said...

Euripides - the dude has serious skills. A bit crude perhaps, but serious.