July 22, 2016

Drop The Mic, No More To Be Said On The Race War

Many others have commented on this but O'Reilly really nails it in one succinct package.
There will be no improvement in black America until these issues are addressed.

Oh, and piss on BLM.



Euripides said...

Progressives want to pour fuel on the fire of the racial divide. If everyone got along, the Dems would lose their core voters.

Doom said...

I stopped believing in helping my fellow, lessor, violent, man long ago. You can blame globalists, dems, whoever you like, but the truth is, if I told whites (for example) to stop working, to blame everybody for their woes, to murder and rape everyone including their own at random, and they did it? Would you honestly blame me? Really?

Dems are doing no more than encouraging natural behaviors. And then dealing with it as if it is a part of the culture, and should be. In some way, so-called conservatives always have it wrong in one sense. They believe blacks, and muslims, can climb up the ladder and behave if they just try hard enough... or learn if they just stick to it. They really can't, quite often. So one of two things have to happen. As the French politician told his people, they just have to get used to terrorism (or crime, I guess, for just non-muslim blacks). That is the Democrat, socialist, globalist, way. The other choice is nationalism, which will exclude those who won't, or can't, behave. There is no good use, save for those who rise to power in chaos, for people who can't be civil to live among the civil.

Choices. But you can't have it both ways, as both the Dems and Reps seem to fantasize.