August 10, 2016

Japanese Ads For Trump

I still say these people ain't right since we nuked 'em.


LL said...

It's creepy...sort of a Hello Kitty Trump thing.

Kid said...

You got that right, and what LL said.

Japan hates Americans, so screw them.

Doom said...

The Japanese have NEVER been the sanest of folk. Oh, they act all this or that, Queen of England type formal. Get them to talk a bit and you... think you fell into Alice in Wonderland for adults. Do you know they had vending machines for girls' lightly soiled panties? Though, to be honest, the kings and queens of all the world are pretty damned fruity too. So... I dunno. I honestly don't think the bomb did a dang thing... Sure, killed some people... far fewer than would have died, even just on their side. True. And made some neat... hmm... architectural designs. Sure. But they were fruit-bats since before they were a single nation, and worse before then... God bless their barmy ways anyway. Mostly.

sig94 said...

LL- the Japanese tried to do a Hello Hillary ad but they ran out of snakes.

Kid - what you said.

Doom - that Bushido/samari/ancestor thing they had going for centuries ... too much rice, not enough beef.

Doom said...

Are you saying they are a little fishy?