August 14, 2016

Name That Burger

Dead By Thirty
Screaming Arteries Delight
Elsie's Revenge

I'll have a side order of coronary stents with that please.


Doom said...

Huh? Eh. Lunch!

Or... (from - tie a) yellow ribbons (round that old oak tree)?

Come to think of it, was that the first major ribbon campaign? Or did it morph into that, or come from it? I might have to research. Yeah, it was from before even my time (song and reason). But knowing that just dates YOU. Need your walker? :p

sig94 said...

Doom - need my walker? Nope. Not since my knees were replaced. Really - what a miracle.

Doom said...

Oh, I was just being a bad boy. I remember how you got that, then the other, knee done. My mom did also, both. Miracle indeed. Oh, the good thing about being "dated" (and even I am, ask any kid) is that even I have 'beat the system', age-wise, if you include history and the whole of peoples. You must be thinking, with the luck of YOUR age... Vegas? :p Say, you aren't up to running with your knees yet, are you? Same question I ask my mom, though usually before I get wisecracking.

Kid said...

Well, I stole the name, but I'd say Quadruple Bypass.

Raw link -

Clickable Link

There have been some much better links for this place too in terms of waitress cheesecake but it looks like that is going to take some digging.

I've lived there. This place is great along with the Dirty Drummer places for burgers, fries, and beer. Yum

el chupacabra said...

The Big Nasty

el chupacabra said...

The Filthy Ramirez

underground pewster said...

The Widow Maker

LL said...

It does have lettuce on it.


Nate said...

You know that sound you hear in the movies when somebody's walking across thin ice and it starts crackling?

Every artery in my body just did that.

sig94 said...

The Statin Challenger

Bacon Cheeseburger Mambo #5

Rhapsody In Beef

Euripides said...