August 17, 2016

Not Doin' Nuffin' For A While

Between working at the DA's, refinishing the downstairs bathroom, cleaning carpets, killing another bat and getting the house ready for company ... all done in in stifling heat/humidity ... I need a little break.

Think I'll just spend some down time snackin', relaxin' and scratchin'.

Also waiting for the bat guy to call me.  I don't know where they are coming from but this is the third bat we've had in the house since February and the second one I've killed with a pillow.

Note: pillows are not the best solution to a flying furry critter so I found an old tennis racquet  that is now kept in the dining room in case one of those air borne rats gets in again. I was really hoping that the way my wife screams, "Oh shit!" would be enough to scare the creature away.

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