October 18, 2016

It's Getting Beyond Nasty

The dems are going all out to steal the election. Project Veritas is one of the few sources trying to blow the lid off these criminal excesses. Criminal prosecutions are absolutely necessary if we are to survive these elections as a free nation.

More here.


Kid said...

Damn Straight. Where are the Checks... and Balances....?

LL said...

Project Veritas engages in "journalism".

It's a lost art in America in the era of DNC ownership of all media outlets.

Doom said...

The DNC isn't the owner, just another prostitute in the brothel. As is, for the most part, the GOP. Prosecution? What is the penalty for treason? This ISN'T US politics, this is global government versus our sovereignty.

Euripides said...

Too little too late, and the media will succeed in burying this.

Sometimes it's not fun being a cynic.