October 22, 2016

Russian Show Of Force

Disabled Russian Warships - 1905

Anyone have an idea of the condition of Russia's navy? I'm wondering if Putin's navy is anything like the hollow shell that Russia threw against the Japanese Navy in 1905.

From the UK Daily Mail:
Cutting through the English Channel, the looming bulk of the Russian navy’s flagship passes the White Cliffs of Dover.

Belching black smoke, the ageing aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov sailed menacingly close to Britain yesterday in a provocative manoeuvre.

              Russian Aircraft Carrier - Admiral Kuznetsov - commissioned 1995
The Soviet-era vessel, leading a flotilla of eight naval vessels, is on its way to the eastern Mediterranean to bolster the Syrian bombing campaign.

[...]Putin's flagship was accompanied by the nuclear-powered missile cruiser Peter the Great and six other surface vessels including the world's biggest ocean going tug, the Nicolay Chiker.

The Kuznetsov never travels far from its home port in Severomorsk, outside Murmansk without the tug in case the vessel's unreliable diesel engines pack up.
The Russian flee is being shadowed by a British destroyer, the HMS Dragon. This Type 45 destroyer has it's own power plant problems:
The turbines are of a sound design but have an intercooler-recuperator that recovers heat from the exhaust and recycles it into the engine, making it more fuel-efficient and reducing the ship’s thermal signature. Unfortunately the intercooler unit has a major design flaw and causes the GTs to fail occasionally. When this happens, the electrical load on the diesel generators can become too great and they ‘trip out’, leaving the ship with no source of power or propulsion.
The Brits could have installed a more mature, reliable power plant produced by General Electric but chose Rolls Royce instead.

British Navy Type 45 Destroyer, HMS Dragon (D35) - commissioned 2008

This Russian warship may also be a sitting duck for the Type 45's modern  armaments and electronic counter measures.
 Russian Guided Missile Destroyer - Peter the Great - commissioned 1985


LL said...

Their capital ships are old, Soviet era machines. But they have a lot of nuclear warheads on missiles that work. Keep in mind that we need to hitch rides on top of their rockets to get to our space station.

Doom said...

I don't have modern analysis. However, what you often find with totalitarian and stick-man/strong-man lead countries is that their dick is much limper than their tongue. Inversely so. Now, he hasn't been all that mouthy, so he might have something something. But they are generally weak, especially when their military is weak from having a 3rd world people on top of all else. Now, remember, the rest of Europe is just as bad.

The only real military in the world, if it is being destroyed by the monkey in office, is the US military. It's just the way it is. We terrify Europeans and the rest. Our forces actually fight, fight hard, and don't quit, take a tea, surrender en mass, etc. They just don't get us, from man on up to command, we are tight and hard.

DUTA said...

Doom, what are you talking about? With all the high technology, americans never really win in war. They got stuck in Vietnam for years, in Afghanistan, in Iraq. Against the japanese they used the bomb. Obama will probably use it now against the russians if they won't strike first.

Kid said...

Agree with LL. Also, they are building very competitive military aircraft these days.

as a PS - Why are we at odds with Russia? We have more in common with them than we do most other countries, especially those paying terrorists to move into their country.

Sweden has already surrendered. They are advertising tax breaks and other incentives for the jihadists fighting with isis to come back to Sweden. Yea, really. And their government has been suggesting Sweden being integrating with the moslem vermin which they call migrants. You don't integrate with islam, you submit to.
Unreal. It's happening folks.

LL said...

X2 Kid.

Kid said...

LL, Danke. You just want to go and grab everyone by the shoulders, shake them and scream 'Can't you see what's going on!?'


Nothing new under the sun though I guess.

Doom said...


Nah, that wasn't a war. Call it what you will. When America has to win, she does. You are talking politics, not war. We won Vietnam then just stopped fighting it. The '68 Tet Offensive was their end, politicians just handed it back to them. Like ending bombing in Hanoi, until they had fully upgraded with Russian land to air. Politicians should have been shot for that.

Believe whatever you want, you are wrong. Politics, however, is not war. By the way, other than the Bush events, what wars were started by Republicans? And, given that both were to the left of Kennedy, I would consider the Bushes under-the-skin Dems.