October 9, 2016

You've Been Served

Last Monday Congress served the FBI with a subpoena demanding all the reports submitted by FBI agents in the Hillary Clinton private email server investigation.

Fox News:
A powerful Republican lawmaker abruptly stopped a hearing Monday on Capitol Hill to serve a subpoena demanding the FBI’s full investigative file on the Hillary Clinton email probe to a top official, telling the man “you are hereby served.”

The dramatic moment came as House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, expressed frustration that the FBI would not guarantee to provide the committee with the full, unedited, unredacted investigative summaries of the federal inquiry into Clinton’s homebrewed server and the Democratic presidential nominee’s potential mishandling of classified information.

“That’s the way a banana republic acts, not the way the United States of America acts,” Chaffetz told FBI acting legislative affairs chief Jason Herring. “I don’t expect to have to issue a subpoena to see unclassified information.”

The FBI could fight the subpoena, though analysts say a resolution could come quickly.

“There are judges sitting in an emergent capacity for applications like this,” Judge Andrew Napolitano said on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s resolved by the end of this week.”
We'll see how far that goes.

*little tiny weak ass boom*


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Its all for show.

The media have driven home the elitist talking point of how Comey did not press charges, while those who know better know he could not (his was only to present evidence, which he did not) as that is a prosecutors purview alone, should a grand jury approve.

The GOP people attempting to stand in Trump's way, or better said the peoples way, are doing so only to save their own necks. The media is doing so for much the same. Its high time for people to wake up to this facade and in the latter, sponsors of these frauds need awakening too as the NFL debacle is showing.

Considering that last sentence, I find it very difficult to distinguish between bad NFL ratings and Trump support as they are one in the same. Those who support Trump, support America - diss one you diss the other - in an election cycle.

Kid said...

FBI Response? Destroys the clinton aide laptops.

LL said...

We have indeed become a banana republic...sad.

underground pewster said...

FBI to Congress: "Oops, our Director slipped on a banana peel so this might take some time. We are preparing our response, and we will have it ready for you on Nov. 9, 2016."