December 13, 2016

Brain Damaged Or Lying? Media Is Forgetful

The media is desperately trying to paint Trump into a corner with his nominations for Cabinet Secretaries. The latest one is is Rex Tillerson.

From the WashTimes:
“Trump’s credibility problem on Russia,” NBC wrote, warning: “Tillerson has ties to Russia and Putin, including being awarded Russia’s ‘Order of the Friendship’ honor in 2013 and opposing the U.S.-led sanctions against Russia for its intervention in Crimea. And already, GOP senators are expressing concern about Tillerson’s Russia ties.”
NBC news has conveniently forgot who licensed American satellite and missile technology to the Chinese, enabling their ballistic missiles to reach our shores. Of course that transaction occurred after political donations were exchanged. That would be Bill Clinton.

NBC also forgot who, just a few short years ago, sold the Russians a large share of America's uranium production. Of course that would be after political donations were exchanged. That would be Hillary Clinton. Do we see a pattern here?

It's not just NBC or the media. It seems a lot of people have a very selective memory nowadays.


LL said...

The mainstream media - the corrupt media, is making themselves more irrelevant every day.

Undergroundpewster said...

The MSM used to love everything Soviet. Next they loved everything Russian. Then Putin came along and screwed up Obama's failed policy in Syria and linguine spined approach to the Ukraine. They have hated Putin ever since he topped Obama in those arenas.

Doom said...

Did you hear them begging social media for a handout... subsidies, they suggested. That means the billionaires who have been paying for their lying words have decided the cost is not of any value.

As to braindamaged or lying? With the media always assume it is lying. They remember things conservatives, real and imagined, said thirty years ago as if it was yesterday, if they think it will hurt that conservative or help them or theirs. They also, often, remember exactly when an opponent brings something up, and how it has been decided to naysay, when it is against whoever they have been paid to support. For example, if reminded that shrillery blamed a film for Benghazi, they shake that off one way or another. They DO remember. They just don't choose to keep memory, or all the facts, in the tableau. Liars, start to stop. Never doubt it.

LindaG said...

Don't forget that Bill Clinton sold the Chinese Long Beach Naval Station in California! I still can't believe any legal arm of America allowed him to do that.

Kid said...

Yea, Big scary Russia. Problem is most [adult] people don't see Russia as a problem state.

Kid said...

Doom, they make it up as they go along because they know their supporters are either stupid, lazy or don't care.