December 19, 2016

Russia's Woes

I'm starting to wonder if someone is trying very hard to start a war. Or has the cheese slid completely off Hillary's cracker and she has armed her flying monkeys and sent them overseas? I mean, seriously, WTH?

First, Turkey:
ISTANBUL — Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was assassinated at an Ankara art exhibit on Monday evening by a lone Turkish gunman shouting “God is great!” and “don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria!” in what the leaders of Turkey and Russia called a provocative terrorist attack.

The gunman, described by Turkish officials as a 22-year-old off-duty police officer, also wounded at least three others in the assault on the envoy, Andrey G. Karlov, which was captured on video. Turkish officials said the assailant was killed by other officers in a shootout.
Then Chechnya:
In a special operation, police have arrested four gunmen while killing a total of seven who had attacked police in the city of Grozny earlier, the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, announced.

On Saturday, a group of militants attacked a police officer and seized his car, after which they looked for another police officer at his home to no avail.

Officers later engaged in a shootout with some of the suspects in downtown Grozny after they tried to pull over a suspect’s vehicle. The tense standoff was caught on camera by witnesses, with police seen raining fire upon the gunmen.
And a report that some big wig in the Russian Foreign Ministry was killed in Moscow:
The head of one of the departments of the Russian Foreign Ministry found shot dead in Moscow, according to the source REN TV journalists. Officially, this information is not confirmed in the department.

His body with a gunshot wound to the head was found in the apartment. According to some reports, the site of two shells from a traumatic gun found. The gun was found under the sink in the kitchen.

The source reports that in an apartment where the body was found, was the wife of the man. At the moment, we consider two versions of what happened: suicide and murder (this is a Google translation~sig94).
This last one sounds very weak, perhaps a fake news items that Weasel Zippers found irresistible. I can't find any other source for this.

If anything does trigger a confrontation, I only hope the Rooskies hold tight until next month when we get a grown up in the White House. I imagine Mr. Putin feels the same way.


Doom said...

Meh. I think, when elections are going, we stop hearing about these things. These things are daily daily around the world. And, when dealing with men like Putin (notice I at least said man, unlike some "world leaders"), both his friends and enemies die like flies, and which is which is shades of gray to start.

Besides, Christ said there will always be the poor, and war and rumors of war. Is that a plague or a good thing? With nukes, not so good, and sometimes the wrongful will of men... though secular against pagan, barbarian against barbarian, I'm not sure it matters. Good people tend to attempt to leave bad places, if there are some limits. Though it looks like we have run out of places to go. Best try to keep America as free as possible. It's the last stand zone.

Yeah, I wouldn't worry about the news, or war in this case. Though, personally, I hope... from one secular to another, that Putin ruins the hopes of Zero and family in the long hard run. I really do. I wouldn't stand in the way, and, perhaps, even to the security detail, enough slack could be created, in retirement, that worry could be caused. Just enough to help Zero keep his trap zipped and his head down. *wink*

Doom said...

Of course, some portents side with a dark notion Some of these things seems to hold, others? This is a new one on me, and you aren't Catholic, so... grain of salt, but be ready to duck and run? Then again, why would that be different from yesterday. It's how I live, when I am awake enough to realize just how much danger I am in. *smile*

LSP said...

It's like, good call, PR Team, resurrect the Cold War and blame it on the Russians! Epic fail. Never in human history was so much drivel spouted to so many by so few.

Thank God and the powerful intercession of the saints that this gang of satanists was booted out -- across the slate.