December 20, 2016

Michelle Obama Ready For Operation After Painful Erection

Or something like that.

From the NY Post:
Michelle Obama ready for anonymity after ‘painful’ election

Michelle Obama is looking forward to getting her “anonymity” back.

The first lady complained in an interview that aired Monday night with Oprah Winfrey on CBS that her biggest sacrifice while Barack Obama served as president was giving up her ability to be anonymous.

But soon, she believes, that’ll change.
That's not change honey. It's called molting.

“You know, there’s nowhere I can go in the world and just sit at a table and have a cup of coffee and watch the world,” Obama said in what is expected to be her final sit-down interview.

Oprah doubted Obama will get her anonymity back — but the outgoing first lady was insistent.
It would be helpful if she first shaved all the hair off her back. But what do I know?

“Yes, I am. Now it’s all gonna change,” Obama said at the White House.

What she's really looking forward to is spewing her particular blend of hateful, vindictive venom at whoever is pissing her off at the moment and then crawling back into her spider hole where she can escape the resulting barrage of righteous indignation.


LL said...

She needs to wear a Marilyn Monroe wig. That would be a good first step. She can keep her wardrobe that makes her look like a Walmart shopper. Pushing a shopping cart around with a sleeping bag and some cat food in it, (followed by a dozen feral cats) is another positive step. Nobody would recognize her. Just another DC Afro-American down on her luck.

LSP said...


The sooner it's gone the better.

And who is this "Mitchel" anyway?

sig94 said...

LL - nothing will mask the brutishness of this alleged female.

sig94 said...

LSP - they could always be used as a set of earrings. Except when it gets real cold.