January 18, 2017

Liberal Yeast Infection

I can't remember the last time I bothered to watch an inauguration on television, but that will change. Friday can't come fast enough. I want to see the butt hurt of the left come to fruition and the fireworks as the first of Trump's Executive Actions cure the yeast infection that was the Obama administration.

Yes, I said yeast infection.
It smelled and was annoying as hell but it wasn't fatal.

 And I finally hit a million visits today... thanks guys!


LL said...

Keep on blogging, Sig94!!

Friday will be a good day for America.

LindaG said...

I definitely want to watch it, too. Here's praying for a good transition.

Doom said...

I have no means of watching it. Doubt if youtube would put it on. Enjoy. Oh, and congratulations on 1m mark. I am just over a tenth of that, if I think I have those numbers from friends who like to vote with fiction... know how to tech wire things. Still...

Oh, is this since you took over or since the blog started? Where is the fellow who used to run the blog. Was he a deacon or priest in your literal or virtual church? Been a while since he has stopped by.

Fredd said...

Yes, I'm watching it. I am hoping for those left wing nut jobs to try and muck things up, and then getting policed up in short order.

Or better yet, how about the left trying to start a revolution, using pink hats and Molotov cocktails? And then trying to punch us Nazis in the throat. I would love to see how that turns out for them.

Kid said...

Congrats on the Mil.

Fantastic Speech. Best in my lifetime for sure.

Kid said...

Doom, fyi - it was on youtube as a live feed and I'm sure it's there as a recorded product as well now.