January 19, 2017

President Trump - Fight Hard For What America Needs To Be Great Again

Trump knows that history is written by the winners.
 Knock those bastards on their asses.

** It's Raining Liberal Tears **
Suck it up buttercups. 
You've got eight years of butt hurt with interest, fines and penalties coming.
And we aim to collect every butt ache.


Doom said...

The hope is, if enough things get corrected and righted, the indoctrination that allowed something like zero to hold office won't happen again. Or, at the very least, controls will be put in place which will limit such chimps from chimping out.

LL said...

There is nothing sweeter than progressive tears.

Kid said...

I take pleasure in liberal Angst and agony. Absolutely.

Kid said...

Doom, if enough progress happens for the right people (on the left), those folks will be looking at entities like CNN like they're bugs.