May 1, 2017

England On Acid

This is a hellish development.
Maiming someone, horribly scarring them for life with caustic liquids. These offenders need to spend many years in prison for this kind of atrocity.

Even better, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and a scarring for a scarring.
From the  Daily Mail:
The number of acid attacks taking place in Britain is soaring, with school children as young as 13 using corrosive substances as weapons.

Crime statistics show that there was more than 450 acid attacks in London alone last year, with the number of attacks in the capital more than doubling since 2014.

But experts say the real figure is much higher, with the true scale of the problem hidden because people are afraid to come forward.
Acid throwing is more prevalent in South East Asia, particularly Bangladesh, but apparently is growing in popularity in England. This practice needs to be eliminated as harshly and as quickly as possible.


GoodnightVienna said...

'It is written an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, but what I tell you is this: turn the other cheek'
Looks like we're lost somewhere between the two.

sig94 said...

Good to hear from you Vienna. Individuals may forgive and forget as they please, but society has the obligation to protect their members from harm and promote good order. We are somewhat out of kilter when it comes to those priorities.

Kid said...

effing moslem vermin. islam is a cancer. Figure it out libtards.

underground pewster said...

There will soon be an outcry to ban battery acid.

sig94 said...

Kid - I wonder how many Muslims are Muslims simply because if they aren't Muslims, they're treated like crap or killed.

sig94 said...

Pewster - like everything else, once people start abusing something it must be taken away.

Kid said...

Sig, no doubt there are some. They're not doing the rest of us any favors.

Were the Germans who were not NAZI's relevant to the events of WWII? No. Not that I perceive that was your point but thought I'd toss it in anyway,.

sig94 said...

Kid - there were a number of Germans who also ended up in the camps because they opposed the Nazis. I knew a cop who married a girl whose father was a prison guard in an extermination camp during WWII. He couldn't bear it and went AWOL and spent the rest of the war in hiding with relatives because he would have been shot for desertion. He immigrated to the US after the war.

If he had stood up and shouted his distaste for what was happening in the camps, would that have made him relevant? It would have made him dead and then no one would hear his story. Waving your arms and yelling at a steam roller probably will not change the path of the steam roller.

I just don't want to throw everyone into the same boat simply because they're wearing a life jacket.

Kid said...

I'm not saying they Could have been relevant, just that they weren't to stop anything. In the case of the moslems, kind of to your point about the Germans who were no doubt aiding the war effort by building machinery, tanks, whatever, the moslems are aiding the caliphate by their numbers. They'll be forced to vote radical* moslems into political positions when the time comes and their populations reach critical mass.

I make no distinction between islam and radical islam. It's all radical.