August 31, 2017

Another Media Shill Speaks Out

The media once again screams about the mote in Trump's eye while ignoring the telephone pole rammed in it's own eyes. Today's mote? Trump was criticizing our southern neighbor and now T-Rex is thanking Mec-he-co for sending aid to flood ravaged Houston.

From Mediaite (why do I bother?)

This afternoon, during a photo-op with Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations Luis Videgaray Caso, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson took the opportunity to thank the Mexican government for its offer of disaster assistance to areas struck by Hurricane Harvey.

“It’s very generous for Mexico to offer to help in this very, very challenging time,” the Secretary of State said.

And in a press conference today speaking about the ongoing recovery efforts in the wake of the devastation from Hurricane Harvey, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) was asked about Mexico’s offer of help. The conservative governor, who has previously (and falsely) claimed ISIS was running through the US-Mexican border, announced that he would accept the assistance.

“I have and we are,” Abbott told the reporter. “And we have, I don’t have with me here, we have a list of aid and assistance that they have offered to provide that we are accepting. I don’t have the list, but I can tell you loosely, it involves things like vehicles and boats and supplies and food.”

Meanwhile, just a few days ago, President Donald Trump sent this tweet out about Mexico, while Harvey was battering Texas:
With Mexico being one of the highest crime Nations in the world, we must have THE WALL. Mexico will pay for it through reimbursement/other.

Furthermore, with Mexico’s offer of assistance on the table, Trump went to Missouri to deliver a speech on tax reform and took the opportunity to take a swipe at America’s neighbor, stating that “Mexico is not happy” that he’s looking to renegotiate NAFTA.
So sorry Mediaite and the rest of you losers out there, you're all full of crap.

One "attaboy" does not make up for 11,000,000 "awshits" that you have thrown across the border.

One third of California's penal system is devoted to housing Mexican awshits and almost 25% of the US federal penal system houses more and awshit anchor babies are bleeding the US Treasury dry.

Tens of billions are spent housing, feeding and healing awshits from other countries and we're getting sick of the expense and the crime.

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