July 3, 2009

Good-bye Michael Jackson

Linda Stasi of the New York Post voices her opinion. I may not fully agree with her, but these are certainly things that need saying.

July 2, 2009 --

YOU'D have thought by the media lovefest that the pope had died a tragic death after a lifetime of caring for lepers.

But, no, it was the death of Michael Jackson, a drug-addled, creepy-beyond-words, accused pedophile who literally bought his children with the help of two brood mares and, apparently, his dermatologist -- a group of amoral savages who had no problem giving their kids to a man who looked like the Phantom of the Opera and who behaved like a depraved worm.

You can call it "adoption," but I call it child-trafficking.

OK, I said it -- and it's about time somebody had the nerve to say what millions of people must feel and believe about the once-talented black man who turned himself into a white woman before turning himself into a monster.

But you'd never know any of that if you'd listened for the past week to the endless prattle from the sickening, fawning media and all those Hollywood music phonies who were crying crocodile tears over someone they'd mostly avoided like, well, a pedophile.

Even the president of the United States felt compelled to issue a statement. Are you kidding me?

I say all this not just as some casual bystander to the Michael Jackson freak show -- though I was a Jacko freak back in 1993, when I was as in awe of him as the rest of the world. But then one day, a friend came to see me at my office at another newspaper and everything changed.

"My cousin's boy's been hijacked by Michael Jackson," he said. He pulled out two photos of the boy, Jordie Chandler, with Jackson. They were dressed alike -- in fedoras, little black suits, each wearing one freaking glove. They were on a roller-coaster -- in Europe.

Jordie's mother had remarried, and his stepfather had introduced her to Jackson. Within weeks, the sleepovers among Jackson and her gorgeous 13-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter began. The boy broke down and told his father that he'd been molested at Jackson's playground, Neverland Ranch, and in Europe.

The dad, a dentist-to-the-stars and screenwriter, contacted authorities, and shortly thereafter was jumped and beaten bloody in a garage. His home was broken into, and thugs menaced patients in his waiting room. The authorities told him it might be best if he and his son disappeared for a while. They settled for more than $20 million. The father took the boy underground, and he had plastic surgery and disguised himself for safety. Dental practice destroyed, screenwriting career over, family in tatters.

Jackson walked free -- or as free as a tortured soul can be -- to repeat over and over again his hideous tricks with children at Neverland, a place straight out of "Hansel and Gretel."

It is in this very spot where his family wanted to put on their grotesque public display of his sadly emaciated, needle-marked body, reportedly to be dressed "like a prince," as though he has become one of the garish statues upon which he loved to drop millions in Las Vegas hotel tchotchke shops. Another circus of the macabre to add to the horror that became Michael Jackson's life.

This is the kind of madness that's followed Jackson's death -- everyone is acting as though the world has lost one of its greatest men.

The King of Pop was a great entertainer -- innovative beyond anyone the world had ever seen -- but he turned into a disgustingly depraved man who hung an infant off a balcony and forced his kids to walk around with masks, veils, towels and even nets over their faces.

Great men don't pretend to be childlike to disguise their depravities. Shameful.

The king is dead, and I for one am not crying.


Dillinger737 said...

Thank you. It's always nice to know that I'm not the only one who thinks these things. I personally would have said it with a larger dose of anger and "sweary" rhetoric but same idea. I guess that's why you have 113 followers and I have 8. Oh well the man was creepy and useless for the far larger chunk of his life and it angers me beyond belief that the media has propped him up they way they have. American seriously needs to get it's priorities straight. Absolutely ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Dillinger, our society is beginning to resemble an ornate farce, and Michael Jackson was just another bizarre and talented clown who stole the stage for awhile.

LL said...

I think of Jackson as a pathetic result of a thoroughly f-'ed up childhood and life. He was a talented kid who became a haunted pervert as an adult. The kindest thing society could have done was to have hung him from the nearest light pole for having molested all those kids - because they would have taken the pain away.

Yeah, he was a clown, bizarre and talented, and more than that - he could have played himself on Batman or Superman and we'd have said, nobody could be that f-ed up. But he was. And he's not tortured, broke or in pain anymore. He's dead. In a sense, it's the kindest thing that could have happened.

The parasites who fed off him have dropped off and are looking for another host.

Opus #6 said...

I have really tried to stay silent on this subject. Not to speak ill of the dead, and all. I'll have to send a thank-you card to Linda instead.

Anonymous said...

LL, the parasites will hang on 'til every drop is drained. That'll be the saddest and most interesting show of all.

How long before somebody demands a national holiday?

Eva Gallant said...

Love you for saying what many of us feel, so eloquently!

Anonymous said...

Opie, my dad used to say "Don't say anything about the departed unless it's good.

The billionaire child molester is dead. Good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Eva, for visiting from the Northeast US. I hope you'll visit often, and don't forget to be safe around the water.

Anonymous said...

um, yeah. my thoughts exactly!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sis. There must be a trait in most that reacts to potential threats to children... any children.

CI-Roller Dude said...

I'm leaving for a week or TV or radio...I am so sick of hearing about this freak's problems.
Debates about his "children" his bankrupt estate....and all that crap.
He had a poor abused childhood, and now we all have to suffer listening to the media go on and on.

I didn't care much for him when he was alive...can't they just melt him down and be done with it?

Anonymous said...

Dude, you may be surprised. This made-for-cable-news crapfest may never end.

Sharon McPherson: AUTHOR / ARTIST said...

Hi! I admire your for this post and there is nothing offensive you are saying what you see.

Are you the 'Michael Moore' of the blogoshphere? I have began reading your posts ... interesting.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am flattered. I can't believe I have not been following you before now - you dropped below my radar for a bit but now I've joined your site.

My Thoughts said...

Good Riddance!

Anonymous said...

MT, you are concise and have phrased you opinion succinctly.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sharon. My elderly uncle, blogger Daisy Cutter, is actually the Michael Moore of the Internets.

You may have seen a few of his low-budget documentaries:

An expose of Professional Bowling's push to establish itself in China.

A tragic tale of families dealing with the decline in Texas' bear grease grooming industry.

Thanks so much for visiting.

Wetzy said...

This blog is crazy. You people rock.

Anonymous said...

Wetzy, you're a man/woman with exceptionally good taste.

The_Kid said...

He ain't no Elvis.