December 10, 2009

Your Congress at Work: Fixing the BCS

Yes, friends, it's true. Congress is hard at work -- not trying to defend national security or protect us from confiscatory taxes or stifling regulations -- but rather at fixing the Bowl Championship Series of college football. What a relief.

Of course, I jest. Actually, it's ... What a disgrace.

We start with the obvious: Yes, we know the college football system for crowing a national champion is flawed. So, what else is new? Last year, my beloved Longhorns were denied the right to play Florida for the title because pollsters and computers deemed Oklahoma (a one-loss team like Texas) worthier -- even though Texas had beaten OU on a neutral field by 10 points. Cry me a river, TCU, Cincinnati, Boise State, whoever. That's college football and life.

But it's not just football, tough luck or life to our beloved Joe Barton (Allegedly R-Texas). You see, Joe's district (TX-6) cuts a wide swath through Aggieland and ends up in Arlington and south Fort Worth. And also ... the TCU Horned Frogs (this year's dissed Cinderella) hail from Fort Worth.

And don't you know ... those Texas Aggies don't like Texas (who did get the nod to play in the BCS Championship Game vs. Alabama). And it just so happens that Joe is a Texas A&M graduate. Golly!

You know, on one level you could argue it's just sour grapes by those who favor certain teams, like I favor the Longhorns.

But on another level, it's deeply disturbing that we have fallen so far from a clear understanding of the proper role of the federal government.

It's outrageous. How can Republicans stand and argue that the Demos are reaching too far with their attempted takeover of health care when they simultaneously argue the government should interfere with even our recreation and sports?

Remember these characters preening for the cameras when that goofball Roger Clemens was making an ass of himself?

Where are the statesmen?


CI-Roller Dude said...

Mr Goomba,
I couldn't understand why the US CONGRESS had to get invovled in major baseball and steroid use.... was that an effect on national security or something?
I think most of the pinheads in congress and the senate are just trying to look important and really have little ideah what is needed to make things better.
What do you think?

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

If it isn't college football it's Tiger Woods. I'm F***ing fed up!

Fredd said...

Not to worry. Obama has suggested that a college football playoff makes sense. Just sit back and let the world's smartest guy fix things.

Then perhaps using Obama's messed up bracket selection process, the Oregon Ducks will get a break. With an 8 team bracket, there's no team in the US that can beat the Ducks the way they are playing now, and they would run the table. Certainly not Texas, who barely by the skin of their teeth with 1 second left on the clock beat a mediocre to good Cornhuskers squad 13-12. With Obama calling the shots, the Ducks would win the National Championship hands down.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Wood. Plus, as a college football fan I know that as soon as the feds get involved they will ruin it.

Dude, Mr. Goomba is in Israel. I am Mr. Cutter. But I'll tell you ... I think that a lot of congressmen are trying to preen for the cameras. I think it's that simple in a lot of cases. Problem is, they make laws and policy and people are watching.

We need real conservatives and statesmen in D.C..

Jimmy Bastard said...

Hence the very valid title... Indeed.. "It doesn't make sense."

Anonymous said...

Great Congress will do for college sports what they have done for Social Security,Medicare and Foodstamps.Yeah.


The BCS makes the U.N. look good. After what happened to (the real national champs) Utah last year I have decided, I will not watch or support NCAA football. That being said, this is not the proper role of government.

Anonymous said...

That's right, you Bastard.

And Trestin ... I wouldn't go that far. At least college football is entertaining and each regular-season game matters. But that's the minor point, as discussed.

But still ... if you think Utah was the best team in the country last year you need to loosen that coonskin cap a little.

JN Kish said...

"From the outside looking in, our leaders appear to be better suited to address the topic of steroids in baseball. How can anyone reasonably expect these same people to devise and administer a treatment (a reform plan) that will work?"- This excerpt was pulled from an article on the subject of health care "reform"- The Wisdom to Do No Harm – Article 2: The Living Being

Actually, with this bunch in Congress, I prefer they work on the BCS...
-It's difficult to screw up the BCS worse than it already is.
-When they do screw it up- at least it won't ruin the country.

Pray for change that makes sense. We already have enough to believe in. - J.N. Kish

Wetzy said...

Utes were number one last year.

Boise State this year.

Anonymous said...


You've nearly changed my mind. Good points.


I have some beachfront in Idaho to sell you.


Right on Wetzy! Wow, I've never said that before. Utah are the real defending champs because:

1. The only undefeated team last year. This was done in a conference that dominated the SEC
2. They are not one year wonders. They have the longest bowl winning streak in NCAA history. They also had two undefeated seasons in four years.
3. They destroyed the team that had been ranked #1 longer than any other. A team that Florida struggled to beat. I guess the big schools are not a tough as people think.

Anonymous said...

Trestin, reach behind the cookskin and tug on that knot ... The Poinsettia Bowl doesn't count in any streaks ...

Teresa said...

As much as I hate the idea of the government getting involved with football, maybe if we keep the congress busy with stupid pieces of legislation that will sidetrack them and stop their plans for ruining this country by passing Obamacare.