October 2, 2010

DC's Music Festival Rolls Out of "September" ... and Rumbles into October

Greetings, all. Well, one of my favorite months is now in the book ... that would be September, the month when footballs start flying around, pennant races come down to the wire, and the heat around here begins to relent ... albeit, oh so slowly.

In election years, I like it that the rest of the country joins us in caring and paying attention in September, too. This particular year, I especially have a bounce in my step, for, as Kid said a while back, we have have the prospect of "carnage." Time to start anew and clean house ... for cleanliness sake.

September reminds us that change is on the way. Therefore, we have hope, if you will.

So, tonight, take a a listen to one of the great dance and pop hits of all time ... from the fellas from Chicago with the cool threads:

Now, early October is upon us. And on the first weekend in October, there is carnage of the football kind strewn about the Cotton Bowl annually. OU is a dastardly opponent, as they thieve players (and pay them) from the Great State to remain competitive. Still, we smite them regularly.

The Okies are quite the musicians, too, as you will find this little diddy Oklahoma's equivalent to EWF's "September." Let's just call it, "October:"

Need I say more? Hook 'em.


Nickie Goomba said...

All this horn-hooking seems incredibly homo-erotic. I'll stick with the Nevada Wolf Pack (#25 in the nation, but #1 in your hearts.

Nickie Goomba said...

BTW... Your music Festival offerings have produced nothing but home runs. They've been - how do the kids say? - Groovy!

DC said...

Nick, we've been talking about Frank, or Fwank ..., whatever, too long. Oh, well.

Glad you have enjoyed the tunes. Just having a little fun, as always, and I appreciate the space.

Rent check is in the mail.

Go Wolfpack. I hope they get Boise. Tired of the propaganda machine.

Ta ta.

sig94 said...

I initially found that horn dance thing replusive. And still do. White guys shouldn't do rap. Or Swan Lake for that matter. But I think I'll play 20-1-20 the next time I'm in Vegas.

Shandon Belle said...

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