November 29, 2010


If you rely upon legacy media for the news, you'd think that Gaza was some kind of killing ground upon which innocent Palestinians are regularly targeted by Israelis. But in Gaza, as in most places around the Middle East, the most prolific murderers of Muslims are other Muslims.

The following graphic screen-captures depict a mass execution of civilians in Gaza by members of the murderous gang of thugs known as Hamas.

Mass executions? Genocide? Apartheid?

Yes -- all of those things.

And legacy media is utterly silent.

Lining civilians up against a wall and executing them like the Nazis at Babi Yar.

And the typical separatist front groups, CAIR and the like, are silent on these events.

Should you do a search for "Hamas mass murder Gaza", you'll find plenty of references to Zionists killing innocents.

Or "apartheid".

Or terrorist-laden "Freedom Flotillas".

But let terrorists kill thousands of innocents in New York, or Mumbai, or Beslan, Madrid, London, Uzbekistan, Bali, Baghdad, Kashmir and dozens of other venues, and the media can't seem to determine what the attackers' motivation may be.

After all, it's not real news unless Israelis are involved.

This post was stolen from Doug Ross@Journal


Zio Rico said...

Let's all blame Israel.

sig94 said...

Nothing has changed since Cain slew his brother. Unrepentent men's hearts are desperately wicked and their marksmanship also sucks.

The_Kid said...

Nickie, yea, exactly.

Is it because the media are stupid and evil, or just cowards. Maybe stupid cowards.

The_Kid said...

BTW- I've never understood why people die like sheep. Like these people think standing against a wall in front of people with machine guns will somehow turn out good. ?

Naw, someone will have a sore groin at least as I go down. At least. At better, I'll get the gun and get a few on the way.

WoFat said...

The planet would be a better place for their absence.

Susan Liles said...

I know good people who are brainwashed by the media and don't search for the truth.
"Amnesty International said Hamas forces and militias were involved in a "campaign of abductions, deliberate and unlawful killings, torture and death threats against those they accuse of 'collaborating' with Israel, as well as opponents and critics".

Teresa said...

Israel is the scapegoat of the libs.


Nickie Goomba said...

earhaps they need another "peace flotilla" to refresh their ammunition?

Michael said...

It is the "Liberal Fools" from Harvard Community College (HHC) that propagate the ‘big lie’ that Hamas are freedom fighters. Let those same “Liberal Fools” vacation in Palestine and see for themselves first hand– how they treat ‘Infidels’. However, you couldn’t get a “Liberal Fool” within 5000 miles of combat zone.

Just a conservative girl said...

Don't you know that if Israel wasn't oppressing these people these things wouldn't happen?

That is how they look at it. Helen Thomas said today that arabs aren't terrorists. I am not sure if that means she is a truther, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised to find out that she was.