December 3, 2010

My childhood hero died today

Here's the crime: He was never named to the Hall of Fame. There should be a wing in Cooperstown named just for this man. He was that good a ballplayer.

R.I.P. Ron Santo


Anonymous said...

Ron Santo. Ernie Banks. They were my summer companions.

Teresa said...

This is very sad... And also sad cause I've never heard of him before now and I used to follow baseball quite a bit up til just a few years ago. Although, he's from the National League, and that might be why I hadn't heard of him.

Opus #6 said...

And he was a Cub. As a transplant from Chicago, that puts him way up there in my book. RIP.

sig94 said...

Sad to say I never heard of him. But then again ChiTown baseball teams were never on my radar.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Nick. He was a great player and a great guy ... good on the air, as well. RIP, Ron.

I think I had a Ron Santo wood bad when I was a kid.

Rhod said...

Like Sig, I don't remember Ron Santo, which is no guarantee that I didn't know about him at the time. I still like the Brooklyn
Dodgers, though.