December 1, 2010

Let us congratulate Nickie and the Nevada Wolfen for threading the needle between errant Boise FG's

The Wolfens' heroes even pause to recognize them in the World's Greatest Deliberative Body:


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Go U.N.R. ... Reid, Shut Up!

Anonymous said...

Nickie and H. Reid are Wolfen Soul Sistas.

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Anonymous said...

Woody, you've made the argument perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, DC... and I'm the Alpha.

Anonymous said...

Alfred... Didn't DC give you the bum's rush a few weeks ago?

Anonymous said...

I think H. Reid gave Alfred happy feet, Nicolai. Fear not, there are lots o' good communists who like the Longhorns ... like Greenjeans loves them Wolfen aka Needlethreaders.

Teresa said...

Could we stuff something in Reid's big, fat mouth? And, then have him rumble and kiss the astroturf?

Nickie is the man!!

Reid is a moron!

Anonymous said...

Teresa, I appreciate your sentiments but both Nickie and Reid were cheering wildly as the hapless Boise kicker was bracketing the uprights.