November 12, 2010

It's Far From Over

In an article written for The American Thinker, Robert Simmons Jr. details ten reasons why conservatives should not be celebrating last weeks election.

On November 2, 2010, the liberals suffered a defeat at the hands of the people over their policies implemented over the last two to four years. As a result, Many Republicans and Tea Party supporters are jubilant in their celebration, and even the often morose Glenn Beck has been heard to be excited about what he calls a turning point. However, the cold, hard reality is that liberalism suffered a defeat but not a crushing one, and the war is far from won. In the past, victories in these minor skirmishes have resulted in people becoming complacent. The battles that are not making the headlines in the war on freedom continue to rage despite the victory.

The problem is this, we are in a war that cannot be resolved solely through the election ballot. The many-layered incursions against our freedoms have not been limited to legislation; much damage has been done through administrative fiat - much like a ukase - an Imperial Russian proclamation issued by the Tsar. Millions of pages of regulations have been rammed down the throats of American taxpayers, without a single vote other than Congress authorizing the creation of another regulatory agency. Instead, hearings are held in places where it is only convenient for lobbyists and bureaucrats to meet and discuss.

Mr. Simmons identifies ten distinct hurdles that must be addressed in order for our nation to return to a semblance of self-governance.

10) The aristocracy is still there in Washington.
09) The bureaucracy in Washington has never been more powerful.
08) The Federal Reserve still remains unchecked.
07) The spending obligations are still there, and the economy is still bad.
06) The unions still have control of the government.
05) The Republican Party hasn't become conservative yet.
04) They still are neither reading nor writing their own legislation.
03) It is still impossible to obey the law.
02) There is no animal quite as dangerous as a lame duck.
01) The socialists and Marxists still have your children.


I believe Simmons is right, we have a lot of work ahead of us.


The_Kid said...

No doubt about it.

Just also consider that None of the liberal mechanisms put in place starting with LBJ have ever been turned back.

Eventually that wheelbarrow of liberalism gets too heavy and it's over. I could make the case we are already there. We are simply in the denial phase of the Denial, Anger, Depression, Acceptance migration path. And no, we're not angry yet. We haven't even seen angry yet.

Will true conservatives be allowed to live in political power ? Will any of this S* get turned back? It will take dictators on the right, just as dictators on the left have put it to us thus far.

We'll find out, if we can elect enough of them over the next 2 elections.

The War Planner said...

Nicky and The Kid,

Of course it's not over! And, while we are still celebrating (I always manage to play Glenn Beck's "gloatfest" video once or twice per day..down from the usual 6-10 repetitions last week), I nonetheless keep my head in the game. Many, many Tea Party organizations report their organizations still growing, members still flushed with enthusiasm.

Lexington, Concord, Bunker and Breed's Hill, Saratoga, Trenton all came before Yorktown and Cornwallis' surrender. We had the Articles of Confederation and eleven presidents before we had the Constitution and George Washington.

We have had a civil war that almost rent us asunder and a century and a half before we became the nation to guide the world's destiny and shed our blood and give our sons and daughters to keep it free of oppression and tyranny.

So, NOvember 2nd was only our Lexington and Concord. We should be joyous at seeing the redcoats fleeing the common in retreat. But we should still prepare for the long marches and battles ahead, melt our pewter down into musket balls and ensure our powder horns are full.

Our Yorktown is several years and a number of elections away.

Doom said...

I love a good cheer as much as the next guy, maybe more. Why is it good? As more and more Americans wake up from the erotic dreams of utopia, having a the fire still on keeps the steam building. One way or another, there will, again, be change. Japan knew it, Hitler suspected it, Russia feared it, and China hid from it, the Juggernaut that is the American people. Progressives are learning.

Now kill me? Bah, you will have no better luck than the world or I have had. :p

christian soldier said...

# 1 is the most important-our ed system has -with fore-knowledge- been usurped by those who would have control over the population/government..

WoFat said...

Whacko Liberals are like Militant Muslims. They just keep coming, until destroyed.

The_Kid said...

War Planner, Well, that's one of the reasons I said we haven't even seen angry yet.

World's greatest reality show eh?

Anonymous said...

Long ago, this ceased to be a political battle. We are now engaged in a war against evil. In such a war there is no rest.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

We need to be constantly on guard, and remind the newly elected they are on probation.