November 7, 2010

Life Imitates Elections

The wind blew and the Red Carpet flew.

Obongo's departure from Mumbai was marred by high winds that played havoc with the red carpet laid out for him in front of Air Force One. After several failed attempts to secure the misbehaving carpet, a decision was reached by the Presidential party to remove it. Employees at the airport promptly nicknamed the carpet, "Sahib Tea Party."


Just released by the White House Press Secretary:

There was a completely unexpected benefit to the removal of the carpet. The Presidential delegation was rife with worry that the unruly red rug made the First Lady's ass look big. They are still worried.

And now, for your listening pleasure:


Rhod said...

Here we go with The First Glutes again.

LL said...

I wonder if the shadow cast by the first ass is heavier under equatorial sun. As has been previously discussed, it weights about 50 lbs in the USA. However there, it might be heavy enough to crack concrete.

sig94 said...

Rhod - It's graceless, tasteless and in your face. I'm referring of course to her personality.

LL - I suspect that those pesky high winds were caused by Meeshell herself. Those massive, monstrous globes maintain their own weather system. They may even affect the Earth's tides.

Anonymous said...

Good song ...