February 8, 2011

Iranium: The Movie

This is the 60-minute film that prompted the threats and subsequent closure of the Canadian theatre where the first screening was due to take place last month.

I watched it last night and it's a well-made film drawing on Iran's history and the rise to power of Ahmadinejad.  It has lots of talking heads and concentrates on the potential capabilities of a nuclear Iran with a short segment towards the end about the repression of the people and the 2009 protests.

I don't know who's behind the making of the film but it's another stage of the softening-up process for confrontation with Iran - and remember, that's something Tony Blair was advocating at the Chilcot Inquiry.  I really recommend you watch this and judge for yourselves:

Calling England


Silent Eyes said...

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banned said...

"I don't know who's behind the making of the film "

'Clarion Fund' @01:30

either "CLARION FUND, Inc. is an independently-funded non-profit organization that produces and distributes documentaries on the threats of Radical Islam."


Clarion Fund - SourceWatch
'Clarion Fund, Inc. was formed in 2006 by Raphael Shore and is a right ... The Clarion Fund is a Zionist front organization, closely connected to Aish Hatorah, a ...​index.php?

You pays your money and you takes your choice. Well worth watching nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Abdul. I'm gonna get right on it.

Anonymous said...

Banned... I pleased that anyone made it. We've been softened up for much worse ideas lately.

Wetzy said...
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Wetzy said...

You don't need to use your email to watch this video. You can use mine.


Anonymous said...

Jew-hating Jimmy Carter gave the world a very very special gift.

Anonymous said...

I am a forigner who is a friend of america. I have been reading your brithers and siser bloggers liberal blogs all week and i wish to say to you peoples that i only can hope and pray theat your current president do not be elected again. It is of imporant consuqeses that he be defeared, before america is destroyed

good luck to uou.

WomanHonorThyself said...

thanks for this..and hey Keep up the good fight!

sig94 said...

We have been at war with Iran since that drooling jackass Carter crapped his pants and did nothing when a bunch of students stormed our embassy. The Marine detachment should have stacked their rabid bodies up ten high before they let that happen but I imagine they were under orders.

We have never struck an open blow against Iran in all this time. No wonder they think they can do whatever they want.

It is looong past time to take this rogue nation apart like a crazed monkey with a hammer on a cheap Timex. Do this just once and we will have no further problems with Islam for generations.

And afterwards, don't rebuild Iran. Let Iran stink and smoulder for a few decades or so. We need a new target range anyway. Let it be a curse and a caution for any other nation who dares to use terror as an instrument of international policy.

Anonymous said...

Poetry, Sig. Poetry.

The_Kid said...

Soften us up? Like what would 'we' do about it anyway ?
The perfect plan would be for obama to do it. His mesmerized following will be on board with whatever he does and the rest of us with brains will be saying stuff like Hell Yea ! Take That ! Payback's a Bitch Ammafrigginidiot! Kappooowwww! BOFF ! KABLAMM! Holy Iranian Camels Batman !

I would of course say, "About Damn Time".

Abdul, I've sent your web address to Michelle Obama - Expect a positive response forthwith.

But you know, what is Ammafrigginidiot going to do with that peashooter anyway ? If he actually sets off a nuke somewhere it will be the last violent act from a country of evil but stupid clowns. (Except for you good Iranian people..)

Anonymous said...

Kid... I believe Europe or the Saudi's are in more danger than Israel or the US. Europe, especially, will just surrender with much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth.

The_Kid said...

Nickie, Europe has already surrendered.