March 16, 2011

Millionaire Slaves Of The NFL

Adrian Peterson
- Slave -

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson compared NFL owners' treatment of players to "modern-day slavery," according to an online interview published Tuesday by Yahoo! Sports.

Yahoo's Doug Farrar, who conducted the interview Friday with Peterson, removed that comment from the story later Tuesday, explaining on Twitter that he wants to give Peterson the chance to provide context.

Peterson, who is known to be thoughtful when speaking with the local media in Minnesota, is in Africa with other NFL players on a goodwill trip and unavailable for immediate comment.

Adrian Peterson
- Picking his way through high cotton -

There is real slavery in the world. Arabs in the Sudan have been capturing and trading slaves for years. Perhaps Peterson could stop by while he is in Africa and explain to the tens of thousands of Sudanese slaves how badly he is treated by his slave masters in the USA.

Peterson will make almost $11 million this year.

Adrian Peterson
- His Filthy, Squalid Slave Quarters -

Peterson graduated from the University of Oklahoma.

Obviously he did not major in Communications or History.

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

So what he's trying to say is he's in chains and unable to leave. His ancestors would kick his miserable ass!

sig94 said...

Chains! My baby's got me locked up in chains!
And they ain't the kind that you can seeeee.
Oh Oh these Chains of Love got a hold on me. Yeah!

The_Kid said...

Sig, your baby has you in a ring of fire.

Anwyay, I wonder how long, in this economic environment people are willing to fork over (I read this) $450+ for a family of four to go to a Yankees game and that's without too many hotdogs or drinks. When is it going to occur to people that the industry is over-priced?
Imagine that family at practically ANY other entertainment venue with the same $450.

I think it's insane. And I haven't even mentioned that taxpayers are forced to pay for the infrastructure of a private business that turns the areas they are located in - into slums. Well, there I went and did it...

Sports players - UAW workers - Celebrities - Wisconsin teachers - Worth much Much MUCH more than your average hard working, community serving, tax paying PUTZ.

sig94 said...

My daughter and her boyfriend went to a Yankees game last year. For a hamburger and fries it was almost $25.

The last Yankees game I went to was in the summer of 1968, a doubleheader. We ate in the clubhouse restaurant (4 of us) and the bill was a little over $25. And that was considered expensive back then.

The Vicar said...

During the days of slavery, a running back who fumbled would lose a week's worth of meals. Much like today!

LL said...

I will cobble together canned food and old clothes and will send it to his house so he can survive what's left of winter in that mansion that he calls a slave shed.

Shady's America said...

!0-4 Nickie, I fell out of my freakin chair when I read this lastest rant of the spoiled little rich brat as I like to put it..I said in my post that AP needed to change places with his neighhood cop that patrols his neighborhood to see how his life style might change. Utter BS my friend. MODERN DAY SLAVERY...please, go get a Life AP. The more I write, or rant the worse I feel.

Great Post

See Ya..
Brady Parker

sig94 said...

Vicar - hmmm - during the days of slavery a running back wouldn't stop until he reached Massachusetts.

sig94 said...

LL - make sure you throw in some blankets and candles too. It's c-c-c-cold and dark in Minnesota.

Can't someone help this poor boy?!?! Oh the humanity!

sig94 said...

Brady - this kid's head just isn't screwed on proper. Comes from being pampered as he was groomed to be a running back all his life.