May 15, 2011

Diversity v. Perversity

The argument for "Adam and Eve Only" versus "Adam and Steve" continues apace. On one side the claim is that legalizing homosexual marriages will weaken the institution of marriage itself. On the other side, the claim is that Americans have the "right" to marry anyone they please and that any counter claim is irrational and homophobic.

Last December, Matthew J. Frank wrote an article for the Washington Post where he criticized liberals for their incessant use of the "hate card", which is nothing more than a canard to avoid open discussion. After receiving volumes of hate mail, Mr. Frank revisits this subject.

In the contemporary debate on the future of marriage, there appears to be, amid many uncertainties, one sure thing. Those who publicly defend traditional marriage can count on being denounced as haters, bigots, or irrational theocrats—and perhaps all of these at once.
But the danger to this course of conduct runs deeper, for not only is marriage at stake, but freedom of speech and thought, for ought we not be allowed to speak as we think? Therefore all religious expression is in peril. In July, 2010, a Boston Federal District Judge Joseph Tauro, ruled against the Defense Of Marriage Act by stating that the difference between same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples is a “distinction without meaning.” A San Francisco Federal District Judge, Vaughn Walker, did the same thing by declaring that California's Prop 8 outlawing homosexual marriage was based only on tradition and without legal merit.

So the beliefs of federal judges sans any rationale was enough to counter the will of an entire State and the will of Congress. We are now subjects, not citizens for our will can no longer be reflected through our elected representatives at any level of government.

Last February the Obama fell into lock-step with these cretins by refusing to enforce the provisions of DOMA prohibiting same sex marriages.

As human beings we are all faith-based creatures. Atheism is the exception, not the rule and yet we are to be ruled by the exception.

... “The simple reality of life is that all of us, irrespective of our views about God, base our lives on beliefs—on things that we cannot prove to be true, but believe to be trustworthy and reliable.” Understood in this way, “faith” is indispensable to all of us, whether we are recognizably “religious” or not. Belief is “not blind,” says McGrath, “it just tries to make the best sense of things on the basis of the limited evidence available.” It is perhaps a touchingly blind faith in the sufficiency of narrow scientific reasoning that fails to recognize this obvious fact of the human condition.

We see what is happpening in England and throughout all of Europe where unpopular opinions are labelled as hate speech and the speakers are interned as criminals. In England, Christian couples who are explicit in their faith are now demmed unacceptable as prospective parents by adoption agencies. This was upheld by English courts. It will eventually happen here.
Now return to the way in which opposition to same-sex marriage is increasingly treated in this country. As we have seen in rulings like that of Judge Walker in California—or the Iowa Supreme Court in 2009—the argument made against the defenders of conjugal marriage is that they want to enact a religious agenda as public policy. As religious people, we are assured, they’re entitled to think “privately” whatever they please about such matters—but not to enact their view as law because, as a religious view, it is somehow by definition “irrational.” Even the possibility that their view of morality could be rational, and be rationally accessible to people not sharing their religion, is dismissed out of hand. The moral is collapsed into the religious; the religious is declared to be the irrational; and the irrational is declared to have no place in public policy.
We have allowed the perverts to put us on the defensive. The questions is not "Why are we denying equals rights to homosexuals." The question is this:
"Why should the social mores of an entire society be cast aside in order to accomodate the wishes of a very small minority who want to openly engage in high risk sex?".


The Born Again American said...

I couldn't agree with you more... Why should the majority be subjected to the whims and perversions of the minority... I'm not homophobic, but I'm sick and tired of being pushed around by the minority... Gay, stupid or otherwise...

sig94 said...

Born Again - precisely. I refuse to be defined by my sexual acvities and I refuse to be made captive to other people's.

Anonymous said...

Stop picking on gay people. They are clever, stylish and sensitive victims. In fact, they are.... well... fun. Don't be a hater. Let's change our entire culture so that they won't feel sad.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Great post Sig.

The line; "same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples is a “distinction without meaning”, well that is going to stick with me for quite sometime.

The issue at hand is one thing but that has to be one of the dumbest statements I have encountered by one who would seemingly be educated!

sig94 said...

Nickie - Stylish is important. The Romans were well known for their slavish devotion to fashion. Attila invaded just to get his hands on some drapes.

sig94 said...

Chris - it is very unsettling to actually read this kind of thinking from an allegedly educated person. It just illuminates the degree to which our universities have become rotted, vile and morally corrupt.

Robert Hagedorn said...

Marriage is to a great extent about behavior, sexual and nonsexual. To find out what happened in the first marriage and how it relates to this post and resultant comments, do a search: First Scandal.

Easily Lost said...

Eventually the "politically correct" whine bags of this great country will require you to refer to them as procreating couples, and non-procreating couples. I swear nothing is sacred anymore.

Anonymous said...

Great post.Thank-You

sig94 said...

Lost - I can't wait. I wonder if they'll try to push this agenda in Sharia compliant nations?

sig94 said...

FuzzyD - This stuff should be shouted in the streets. Our judges need to be .... I don't want to get in trouble.

Kid said...

I feel so guilty. Is there some homosexual organization I can invite into the Hetero-Good-Looking-White-Man's club.

I mean, I'd give them the password that I use when I go to back door of the secret club, give the secret knock and password, and collect my bundle of fresh C-Notes each week.

I mean, we should ALL have this, shouldn't we ?

Equality !?!?!?!?!?!

REVOLUTION !!!!!!!!!

FOR THE PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!