May 18, 2011

Most Transparent Administration EVAH!

Brian Terry is pictured above. He was murdered last December in a border gunfight by illegals armed by the US Government.

This is another episode in the continuing saga of high ranking federal bureaucrats trying to hide their roles in a risky, foolhardy law enforcement exercise that lead to the death of a Border Patrol Agent. The stonewalling and foot dragging of the Obama administration is starting to look very foolish criminal. Again the questions start with, "What did he know and when did he know it." From Breitbart's BigPeace:

Imagine a scenario in which the media outlet most afflicted with Barack Obama Sycophancy Syndrome (BOSS) – the place Chris ‘thrill up my leg’ Matthews calls home – presented a ’smoking gun’ that could implicate the Obama White House in a cover-up akin to that of Watergate but with the added scarlet letter of murder. The notion of such a thing would be like Woodward and Bernstein ignoring Deep Throat. Impossible, right? Yes, unless it did so unintentionally.

It looks like that honor may just go to none other than Michael Isikoff who, in September of 2010, wrote about an ATF strategy that involved targeting gun dealers in the United States as a means to prevent weapons from ending up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Included in Isikoff’s article is a link to what Mike Vandergoegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars – who unearthed this amazing find – refers to as the “field manual” of the Project Gurunner scandal that led to the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry last December.

The "field manual" can be viewed here.
The “field manual” likely seemed innocuous at the time but that was before two of the weapons ATF placed in the hands of straw purchasers – who then placed them in the hands of Mexican drug cartels – showed up at the murder scene of Terry. It was also before ATF agent John Dodson blew the whistle in March on the ATF operation known as Fast and Furious; that operation was run under the larger Project Gunrunner umbrella and is allegedly what allowed guns to ‘walk’ into Mexico.
Agent Dodson speaks to CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson.


Doom said...

Well, yes and no.

They are transparent even though they try to hide what they do, much like the mafia is. If I knew a guy named Big Nose Al, and I knew he was visiting local establishments when other customers were not there or in fact even I am not present, I would have a good idea of what he was doing. Now, whether he in fact only threatened John, but broke Bill's nose and broke Sam's arm, sure, I might not know the details. But I know the capacity and impetus.

While I may not know the specifics, on this, or actually whether it came about through intended or unintended consequences (say, like if Sam ran from a beatdown and fell, thus breaking his arm), I do understand what the score is. I just wish more Americans did.

So, as I said, yes and no.

sig94 said...

Doom - as a result of this so called sting, not one arrest has been made.

It reminds me of the Matthew Broderick movie "Godzilla" when the lizard escaped after eating all the fish. The Army Sgt. moans that with all the shooting they didn't do a thing to the monster and Broderick replies, "Well, we fed him."

The US Government just fed the drug cartels.

Oswald Bastable said...

'Barack Obama Sycophancy Syndrome (BOSS)'

I'm going too steal that one!

sig94 said...

Oswald - that is indeed a keeper!