May 25, 2011

Late-night humour

Here's some late-night humour - in England at least. (Click to enlarge):



Doom said...

Yeah, those curbs are a pain, when you stab one of them. However, I love the way the police took all the relevant data and arrested the only suspect. Ho-ho-ho.

And you got me on the fat arm. I was like, my God, he's gone all nudey on us! I dated her once. Well, her arm. :p

Anonymous said...

Girls of girth. (shudder)

sig94 said...

Oh my goodness, that's her arm? Until Doom spoke up I could swear that it was .... something else.

Kid said...

Picture 2: It Does look the the chick's body.

Picture 3: Does she have her hand in his crotch, grabbing at his manhood?

Goodnight Vienna said...

Pic 2 had me staring as well - just shows you can't always believe your eyes. My favourite was the first one :-)