August 20, 2011

Why Do Muslims Act Like..... Muslims?

My daughter has spent considerable time in Muslim countries, a year in Egypt and nine months in Afghanistan. Her opinion of Muslim countries and their constituent populations is rather droll; loves the children, views the adults as cretins. Planck's Constant helps sheds some light on this.

Israel is one of the smallest countries in the world, yet leading hi-tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Intel do their most advanced research in tiny Israel.

But let me ask this, "Why not in Saudi Arabia?" it's not as if the Saudis don't have hundreds of billions they could spend on research. For those who don't know the answer, consider:

Planck's Constant, Oil Rich Muslims Are Science Poor
the oil monarchies of the Gulf spend about 0.2% of their gross domestic product (GDP) on science while tiny, teensy-weensy, itsy-bitsy little Israel with no oil revenues spends 25 times as much.

But why do the Saudis spend so little on science and the Jews so much? The simple answer is that Islam breeds stupidity because the Quran is immutable and uncreated and therefore cannot be questioned. Their religion cannot be questioned, their way of life is immune from criticism. In fact, Muslim countries have petitioned the UN to make criticizing Islam a crime.

As well, Mohammed is the perfect man and a model for all Muslim men. Jews on the other hand, present their kings and prophets with all their blemishes. King David in the Old Testament is an adulterous lech. Jews are allowed to ask King David, "Who the hell do you think you are?"

Jews were brought up to question, to debate, to deny, to argue, to challenge the accepted wisdom. Put two Jews in a room and you end up with three different opinions.

Jews and Science - they go so well together. How well? More than 173 Nobel Prizes have been awarded to Jews (not counting those worthless Nobel Peace Prizes).

The Islam apologists like to claim that Muslims are responsible for much scientific knowledge through the centuries. This is just not true. Muslims conquered other nations and aggregated their collective knowledge base. This is still a praiseworthy achievement, but is really more of an administrative task rather than a creative outpouring.

The rigid Islamic belief system gradually eliminated scientific inquiry because as we all know, you have to question the status quo before you can investigate it. And Islam means "Submission" not "Just What The HELL Is Wrong With This Picture?"

Again from Planks's Constant:
For the first 600 years during its great conquests Muslim rulers allowed the non-Muslim populations to be creative and industrious because Muslims were a tiny minority in these lands and feared revolt if they forced conversion to Islam.

It was mostly these non-Muslims who contributed the accomplishments usually attributed to Muslims.

Islam was a new religion and Islamic scholars did not yet put in place the restrictions on learning and intellectual pursuits that Islam has today. But as Islam became more and more repressive, infidels found it unbearable to live as dhimmis and converted in mass numbers to Islam. Where once Muslims were a minority, they soon became the majority, and so Islamic rulers were no longer in fear of insurrection of the minority religions. They were free to impose true Islam into every facet of life, thus killing the spirit of inquiry and free thought.

The Golden Age of Islam was actually the Golden Age of Arabs, Jews, Persians, Hindus and others who through sharing of knowledge brought to the world great learning and advancements in science, humanities, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, chemistry, zoology and geography.

Once Muslims were in the majority, the histories of the conquered peoples were no longer of interest; anything that occurred before Mohammed came on the scene was not important.
The Golden Age of Islam ended in the 13th century with the invasion of the Mongols.


banned said...

We in the West often fail to recognise that we owe our survival to the Mongols who trashed (not 'decimated' please) both Islam and the Persians, setting each back hundreds of years.
Islamic apologists love to tell us that they were the conduit of classical knowledge to the Renaissance. Nonsense, they deliberately burned the Library of Alexandria which had been the gathering place of knowledge for several hundred years. They left us with the charred fragments of the knwoledge of antiquity.

bernie said...

Thanks so much for linking to my blog and helping debunk Muslim myths, it's very much appreciated.

sig94 said...

banned - yes, decimate means to take out a tenth, just as the Roman army did to discipline their troops.