December 26, 2011

Starving In North Korea's Fatherland

Apparently in North Korea common sense has gone the way of the 2,000 calorie minimum dietary requirement. Or else they're democrats.

Magpies mourn, are you listening?
In North Korea, tears are glistening.
He had a great ride, but Kim Jong-il has died.
Starving in North Korea's Fatherland.

The world may say we're over-acting
Our Blessed Leader they're detracting;
We're all in lip sync 'cause his shit didn't stink
Starving In North Korea's Fatherland.

Since he's dead we'll build a mausoleum
Make the sucker sixty stories high.
We'll bow before his lazy son Kim Jung-un
And kiss his wrinkled ass before we die.

Later on we'll be sneaking,
A grain of rice while we're weeping.
The revolt's undeclared 'cause we're just too damned scared!
Starving In North Korea's Fatherland.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Eat the damn Magpies!

Anonymous said...

PETA on line 2, Dr. Woodsterman.