August 23, 2012

Your Basic Fixer-Upper

From the Daily Mail:
In a slammer of a deal New York State is looking to sell off a 31-acre, 262 bed prison that comes with two gyms, one chapel and it's own sewage treatment plant.

Going for a steal at $390,000, Camp Georgetown Correctional Facility just 35 miles from central Syracuse is located within 98,000 acres of state forest land and the property contains 38 buildings on the site.

In addition to the chapels and five pheasant pen sheds, the facility understandably boasts that security is a strong point for any potential buyer who fancies themselves as the prison warden of their own empty jail.

As this site is only a 40 minute drive to work for me, I might be interested in it if I were starting a Bedz n' Breakfast or maybe a strict diet regimen facility.

Or a cult.


The Underground Pewster said...

The Dems might need that roof over there heads if Romney wins and puts em in shackles like Veep Biden says the GOP team will.

Doom said...

That would be a superior position for a group of preppers! Seriously, say ten or twelve preppers, that would be $40k per give or take, and all the space, protection, and privacy they could need, plus enough wood stores and such, plus room to grow. But they would have to be serious.

sig94 said...

Pewster - I'd just as soon see it used to house all the treasonous politicians.

sig94 said...

Doom - now that's an idea! Say twenty or so to bring it down to half that. With 262 cells you'd still have 10 cells per family to combine plus the dining and rec areas. Plenty of deer in Madison County also.

Anonymous said...

O M G !, don't let Alex Jone's see this , or it will become New York states Aushwitz overnight.