May 15, 2013

Detroit Surrenders

There is only one thing left that Detroit can do. Declare war on the United States and then immediately surrender unconditionally. Send the entire city population into other states as refugees.
After a tumultuous four years overseeing a city long riddled with blight, corruption, crime, and historic financial issues, mayor Dave Bing has had enough, telling a stunned audience at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History Tuesday that he’d leave when his term ends in December.
Modern Day Hiroshima, 65 years after the atomic detonation...
The 69-year-old Bing, a hall-of-fame NBA player who spent most of his career with the Pistons and then was a successful businessman in Detroit had never run for office before narrowly winning the 2009 race to replace Kwame Kilpatrick, who in less than a term in office had gone from rising Democratic star to scandal-embroiled mayor to convicted felon. After winning a full term the same year, Bing tried to turn around a city that has been losing population and sinking into an ever-deeper economic hole for decades, with a City Council resistant to his plans for radical changes to save Detroit and the looming prospect of the Republican governor appointing an emergency economic manager who would effectively take control of the city’s finances from its elected officials.
Modern Day Detroit, 51 years after the Democrats took over...

  • Detroit, founded in 1701, at one point had a population of 1.8 million - today, 706,000.
  • Geographically, 55% of the city's area is abandoned.
  • In 1950, Detroit had the highest median income in the country; today it is 66 out of 68.
  • Per capita, Detroit spends over $15,000 per year to educate a student, compared with about $11,000 nationally,  yet it graduates only 21% of students.
  • Detroit's public education system is run completely by the Teacher's Union
  • Detroit's population is 89.4% "non-white".
  • Over 2% of Detroit residents are homeless (homeless rate of 20 per 1,000).
  • A black man dropping out of high school will face a 73% rate of unemployment. He will have a 60% chance of going to jail before he leaves his 20's.
  • Only 56% of the eligible workforce in Detroit is employed; of those employed, 17.2% work for the government.
  • To hire someone legally in Detroit, you must pay the mandated minimum wage of $10/hour -  businesses can not afford it, so they leave.
  • 47% of households made less than $35,000/year; only 1% had incomes over $200,000.

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Doom said...

East Germany was better off.

Gorges Smythe said...

Obama should LOVE the place; they do things HIS way!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Vote Democrat.

James Buchanan said...

I'd love to agree with you, but I'm from Flint. The Car capital of america. Notice the car is capitalized, not the subject. I believe the year was 1968, Just getting out of the USAF. Having done my tour and talking to my mother. Asking about the future of the great north, she told me too stay south, that the upcoming areas would be mason/dixon or further south. Detroit/and Michigan were starting to die. Republicans were gaining the edge, there were going to cuts too all services for people, which is why they left Canada, years before.
The "liberals" were losing control of the companies, and the MBA's were starting their market rampages...Liberals mean unions, unions mean wages, wages mean spending and taxes, taxes mean more jobs for the most people. Conservatism-means less in wages,for all. Odd thing, Historically. If you pay attention, if education means wealth for all, then why is not education free, the only thing our taxes pay for....or is it I got mine, now you have to suck for yours.

Doom said...

Oh, one thing I have to enjoy? Wright probably, for most of his life, blamed everybody else, especially whites, for black man's woes. He has seen how his people function, when allowed self-determination, on a grander scale. He has seen what trying to bring anything good or right really is met with, even as weakly as he had it to offer, and him being "one of them", against a majority of his kin. One way or another they will break the system so badly it is taken out of their hands. Democrats are like this generally, if they don't, unfortunately in many ways, do it at quite so fast of a pace.

It disappoints me that he wants to spread his political leanings. I guess there is a limit to the depth of understanding. He lived there how long and didn't notice any of this? Or did he think only the government should be involved? What to do now that he knows the government can't fix it? Run! His colors do show.

Oh, don't fuss so. If my notions about myself has any truth, when we take power God himself floods the planet. But, then again, strictly on a secular level, we do pretty darn good for ourselves. :p

Andy said...

I look at this and I see Dresden after a long night of firebombing.