July 26, 2013

You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up...

Weiner's wounded wifey Huma thought "long and hard" about leaving her husband, the embattled NYC Mayoral nomination-seeking pervert Anthony Weiner, when his second round of Tweet junk posting hit the media.

Questions abound.

Why couldn't Huma use a different expression?  Something along the lines of "I thought long and lubriciously as my sinewy, soft, silky..."

Why couldn't Anthony use Facebook?

Why can't we bring back the old songs?

Let's all sing like the Weiner sings
Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweeeeeet
Let's flash our junk and see what it brings
Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweeeeeet

Can't help it, as kids we watched "Sing Along With Mitch" for years.
Gee, does anyone remember "It's Three O'Clock in the Morning"?

Where were we? Oh yeah. Headlines from the UK Daily Mail:
Huma 'thought long and hard about leaving' Weiner when he told her he 'relapsed' and started messaging other women but she decided to go ahead with mayoral race
  • Anthony Weiner's wife appeared at a Tuesday press conference confirming that she knew that he messaged women after his resignation
  • Friends say she was 'furious' when she first found out months ago
  • She knew that he hadn't hit 'rock bottom' and thought the relapse was part of the healing process
Weiner informed his wife that he "relapsed."

Funny thing, whenever I locked up a guy for who felt he had to wave his wand to save the world, I never used the charge "Public Relapsing - 2nd Degree".

I never had a shocked parent tell me this: "He opened his coat, spread his legs and with both hands relapsed right in front of my kids' bus stop! Three times!".

If Weiner was a conservative, this conversation wouldn't be taking place. Conservatives don't have Phoenix-like resurrections to inflict on the voters after moral turpitude incidents. Their base does not suffer fools gladly..


Gorges Smythe said...

I suppose better a relapse than a prolapse.

sig94 said...

Gorges - relapse, prolapse... what's a lapse between friends?