September 25, 2013

New Yorkers Face A Socialist Tornado

As nanny state Major Bloomberg departs the political scene in New York City, New Yorkers must decide who will lead their stumbling, union-infected city.

From Breitbart:
Bloomberg is leaving his successor with the task of negotiating new contracts with most of the public sector unions in New York City. It is interesting to note that two great former New York governors, Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt, both opposed public sector unions because of the obvious public corruption and conflict of interest they represent. The public sector unions support the reelection campaigns of the very liberal politicians who set their pay.
Under Bloomie's 12-year tenure, the cost of public union pensions benefits alone have skyrocketed from $1.4 billion to $8.3 billion.
“Avoiding the hard choices is how Detroit went bankrupt,” the mayor declared in a speech earlier this year. Yet avoiding hard choices is precisely how Mayor Bloomberg has managed to direct the affairs of New York City and even increases services without significantly raising taxes. The efficient, pro-business fa├žade maintained during the Bloomberg years is now about to disappear, revealing a local political equation that is unfamiliar to most residents and considerably to the left of even New York State’s liberal political center.
The front running Democratic candidate, Bill de Blasio, is an unrepentant socialist who would Santa Claus NYC into fiscal ruin.
De Blasio’s big idea: free universal prekindergarten for all children, paid for by a tax on those New Yorkers earning more than $500,000.
Fools like De Blasio forget that wealthy people also cast their votes with their feet.

Between 2000 and 2010, almost three and a half million New York residents left the state for greener, less greedy, pastures. New York State lost two Congressional seats after the 2010 census count, dropping from 29 to 27. This is the lowest number of NY Congressmen since 1823.


Ian H said...

Whenever I think that common sense has been lost, I see glimmers of sanity in the political arena. naah, it's just greed!

Kid said...

I nominate dennis rodman.

Doom said...

The worst part of it is NYC seems to control the rest of the state. I love that, here, we split SLC into three or four pieces and stuck those in huge rural counties, so that our ass-end can't wag the dog, as it was showing signs of trying to do.

I am not sure how, other than unofficial federal aid, extreme accounting book shuffling, and probably illegal loans on the side, Cali, NY, and Ill, and a lot of cities, are staying... "solvent". It will end, one way or another, has to end.

I think some are keeping these solvent. Business side, because it would be a world catastrophe... government because they support that sort of governing and want to have power to push that everywhere, through the feds, before people see the real costs.

USA_Admiral said...

The outlook is grim for everyone.