September 16, 2013


This originally was a parody sign for Wisconsin, but Utah works for me.


LL said...

I like it.

Doom said...

If you notice, and since Salt Lake City has been politically knee-capped from becoming a liberal powerhouse it will stay that way, SLC has low crime for it's size. And has been barred, by the state, from enacting enhanced city laws regarding gun ownership/carry. Yum!

Of course, our governor just vetoed a law that would allow all to carry without a permit, given legal allowance to own in the first place. I think there are... forces here... that are... not pro-carry, pro-gun. Can't, legally, carry in Mormon churches, for example. Gotta watch em'. I'm hoping, since they had override votes in the state congress, both houses, that the override is yet done or the law redone (an override may be past it's due, not sure about that though).

And, yeah, crimmies have learned to keep a damned low profile. We are better shots, better trained, and more interested. No shooting a pistol sideways, for example. Not saying we are just looking for it though. Then again, I'm... not saying we aren't. :)

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Nevada could have one for California too.

WoFat said...

Ditto LL.