September 19, 2013

In The News

Bill Clinton and Weiner: We Simply Got To Get These Guys Together!
The UK Daily Mail published an article whereby sex columnist and former Penthouse pin-up girl Jennifer Flowers says that if it weren't for his daughter, Chelsea, she and President Clinton would be together and that Bill is OK with Hillary being bi-sexual. In fact, Jennifer quotes Bill as saying that Hillary "ate more p***y that I did!"

Not to be outdone, Sydney Leathers says that her Tweety Pie, Anthony Weiner, has waved his flag more often than John Philips Sousa. In an interview with Howard Stern,Leathers was asked if Weiner would make a good Mayor. Leathers reply was:
“I mean as funny as it would be to have a Mayor Carlos Danger, I think he’s a little too busy j--king off to do anything for the city,” Leathers told Stern.

"How are you going to be mayor of New York City if you’re c--ing like five times a day?

NASA Offers New Program, "Welfare Queen In Space"
Stay in bed for two months and get $18,000. Sound familiar?
NASA is currently looking for volunteers to lie in bed for 70 days.

That’s right, you could get paid a total of around $18,000 for lying in bed, playing games on your phone, reading books, skyping with your friends and family, taking online classes – and even go on with your day job if you can get away with working remotely, so long as you don’t get out of bed for that entire duration.

Tough Gun Laws Propel Chicago To New Heights
It just goes to show that hard work, perseverance and intelligent planning always pay off.
Chicago is now the murder capital of the USA. And we're proud of you Mayor Emmanuel.
The city of Chicago registered more homicides than any city in the nation in 2012, surpassing even New York — despite the fact that the Second City has only one third as many residents as the Big Apple.

In new crime statistics released Monday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported 500 murders in Chicago in 2012, up sharply from the 431 recorded in 2011. New York reported 419 murders last year, compared with 515 in 2011.

They Must Be Out Of Virgins
The Iranian air force has temporarily grounded their newest fighter jet, the Martyr-101, after it failed to pass a critical performance test.
The Aviationist reports that in March a U.S. MQ-1 drone came close to being intercepted by an Iranian F-4 Phantom combat plane, but the Iranian aircraft stopped short after a warning by an American pilot.

“He [the Raptor pilot] flew under their aircraft [the F-4s] to check out their weapons load without them knowing that he was there, and then pulled up on their left wing and then called them and said ‘you really ought to go home,’” Gen. Welsh said.

According to The Aviationist, the Iranians came within 16 miles of the drone.

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