October 9, 2013

Invite A Zombie For Dinner

Fava beans are optional, but a nice Chianti won't hurt.


Doom said...

Actually, I am looking for brains. Not of the longpig varietal, mind you. Beef is out due to FDA madness, but pork, sheep, or goat would do splendidly. If I can find a butcher who opens the beef with separate blades, so as to offer no cross contamination potential (as per FDA rules). Bah! Just finding them, from a shop, is difficult though. I keep looking.

Hmm? Oh, well, my grandfather and uncles used to eat it and favor it. I am simply curious. Plus... you are what you eat? *grins*

Oh, one last thing... is this an official invitation? *laughs*

jay son said...

how many got the hannibal lecter reference?

Doom said...

Of course I got the reference. Reference? Signature. :) I honestly do consider him a hero, by the way. A bit over the edge, but... when dealing with some people... Yum!