October 6, 2013

Sue Her Anyway

The 16 year old high school student who was forced to remove her NRA T-shirt has received an apology from the school principal. I'd sue the pants off her anyway just to make a point. It really is time to send a message to these asshats.

That's the difference between liberals and conservatives and why conservatives are losing the cultural battle. When liberals go after you they are like a pack of salivating wild dogs. They will tear you to pieces.  A conservative is all, '"Why God bless you! I'm so proud!"

Screw that.
Pound them into the ground. The school principal, Ms. Fricker, should be walking around with her ass in an asbestos suitcase looking for a fire hose.

ANAHEIM HILLS ( — A high school principal has apologized for forcing a 16-year-old student to remove her National Rifle Association shirt last month.

Haley Bullwinkle, a sophomore at Canyon High School, said she was asked to change or face suspension because her T-shirt, which featured a buck, an American flag, and a hunter’s silhouette, violated the school’s dress code and promoted gun violence.

Bullwinkle’s father, Jed, emailed the school’s principal, Kimberly Fricker, about the situation.

Fricker responded saying that the gun on the shirt wasn’t allowed.

The principal, however, had a change of heart on Thursday. Bullwinke’s mother, Stephanie, said Fricker called her and said the teen can wear her shirt.

“She was very, very apologetic. She said they’re definitely going to be talking to the staff, training their staff on what is appropriate conduct and what is not. And that (Haley) can wear the shirt, so very happy. It was nice to hear from her,” said Stephanie.
Story here.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Sue their asses!

Subvet said...

"When liberals go after you they are like a pack of salivating wild dogs."

Amen to that, look at how they went after Sarah Palin AFTER she and McCain had lost the election.