April 14, 2014

Money Walks

Available here. This site tracks income down to the county level - where the people went or where they came from. I looked at my county ... Lord have mercy.

For many years now the IRS has been tracking the migration of Americans and their income across state and county lines. Every year they produce a detailed report on the tax migration of Americans, showing the amount of people and income that moved.

How Money Walks maps this great migration of American income and raises important questions about American tax policy and how it profoundly affects growth and development in our country:

Why did so much wealth walk? Did people vote with their feet?
Did money walk because the opportunity to keep more personal income talked?
How does taxing personal income affect economic growth?
Which states "won" which states "lost" and why?

These questions are explored in How Money Walks through unimpeachable IRS data mapped by state and metropolitan area. And the answers suggest a simple correlation: the key to accumulating working wealth for any state is a pro-growth tax policy, and that means not taxing personal income.


LL said...

It makes no sense to stay in a "blue state" where they tax the life out of you. You and I live in blue states but that's a condition about to be remedied on my part.

sig94 said...

LL - what state are you moving to (unless it's classified)? We're looking at NC. Funny thing, the county (Cumberland) where Ft Bragg is located is the only county in NC where there is a negative income flow. Was thinking that it's mil retirements and DoD downsizing.

Doom said...

Utah is staying sort of neutral, but I think they are trying to... maintain a balance. Better not to have a bunch of lib invaders. Not worth the money they might bring, or not. I hate to say it, but many of the people who move, in spite of moving because of liberal taxation, carry their liberalism with them.

What was it, something Einstein figured out (and probably more a self-awareness thing than pointing fingers, but...)... doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result, is insanity. Or some such. But... liberal? I shouldn't have to explain the more.

Kid said...

An election map would color the very red states very blue and that concept would carry through to green being very red.

Gee, who'd a thunk it !

I can't wait until libtard states only are occupied by libtards. Then let them suck air.