July 23, 2014

Real Jihadis Of Genius

Seriously Hamas, why do you keep messing with these people?

IDF tanks staging near Gaza

IDF preparing one of their Whoop-Ass Delivery Systems (WADS)

So go ahead. Keep tossing those unguided missiles indiscriminately into Israeli residential areas.

Let God do the aiming because your heart is pure and your goat is still a virgin.

This Bud's for you, Hamas.

Real Jihadis of Genius
(Real Jihadis of Genius!)

Today we salute you, Mr. Jihadi Waging Person
(Mr. Jihadi Waging Person!)

Like Adolph Hitler's idiot children, you continue to muck up Satan's unholy War Against the Jews
(Gotta kill Jews to get to Heaven!)

Your staging of  rockets in Gaza hospitals, schools, nurseries and playgrounds tells the world that you love your children slightly less than the condoms you don't use while pleasuring your livestock.
(Our children love the smell of C4!)

You think the Nation of Israel is going to fold its tents and steal away because you blew 
up a gas station, a soft ice cream stand and Mr. Lebowitz's lawn mower. 
(But we're yelling Allah Akbar!)

Iron Dome missiles make your bottle rockets look like BB's bouncing off a block of granite; despite billions in foreign aid, the stench of failure permeates the miserable slums of Gaza like a falafel left out in the sun too long. 
(Rotting falafels make us stronger!)

So crack open a cold Bud Light, Mr. Jihadi Waging Person, for without you, 
the IDF would be running out of paper targets. 
(Just stand still a little longgger!)

Here's the real thing.


LL said...

I just cracked open a bottle of Bud to go along with my bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich to salute Mr. Jihadi Waging Person.

Because I don't want the IDF to have to practice on paper targets.

sig94 said...

LL - BLT's, hmmmmmmm. We now cook the bacon in the oven, lay it on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Comes out fantastic! And I don't get spattered.

Capt. Schmoe said...

Go Jews! Go Jews! Go Jews!

A slightly irreverent cheer of support from a sympathetic gentile.

My wife wouldn't let cheer in the front yard with my blue and white pom-pons, leaping in front of crossed Israeli flags.

This will have to do.

In case nobody gets it, I realize the Israeli government is not perfect, but I still stand in total support of their actions in Gaza. Hamas is a self serving organization that depends on conflict to stay in power. They care more for the perception of being victims than they do for their own people. Screw them.

Kid said...


And seriously, these people traded in their shit for brains for C4 for brains. I see them posting comments on CNN articles talking about Israeli anything and it's quite clear they have the brains of radioactive cockroaches.

LL said...

Beer and Bacon - the two things that Jihadis hate worse than anything else are to be had in abundance in the heart of the "Great Satan".

sig94 said...

Capt. - You go right ahead. Pom poms are totally cool.

sig94 said...

Kid - if they thought about anything they wouldn't be in the position they're in.