July 20, 2014

Chicago Marksmanship

There may be some kind of weird gangland contest underway in Chicagotown.


Doom said...

I have trouble believing they are that accurate. I suppose, perhaps, if the target is stationary, and close. Gangers aren't known for brains nor accuracy.

LL said...

Black gang members shoot only slightly worse than Hispanic gang members.

It's sort of like going to Baghdad where the rule is spray and pray.

I remember a drive-by where the passenger swung the shotgun as they drove by and blew the driver's head off by mistake (Felony murder rule). Yes, they were negroes.

sig94 said...

Doom - HeyJackass reports 514 homicides for 2012, the FBI UCR


reports only 500. This is not that unusual as people who were shot in 2012 may have died in 2013.

Years ago we had this happen when a girl was reported missing in one year and her body was dug up the following year - in her next door neighbor's back yard.

But we are talking about Chicago and who knows what Rahm forced the CPD to report - **it happens.

I was the CO of our Planning Division and I prepared monthly reports on gang related shootings/crimes which were completely ignored for years by the chiefs because the Mayor did not want the stigma of gang violence showing up in the papers. He was angling for a nice cushy federal job at HUD - and he got it - leaving office a little early during his second term.

Finally (after I retired) our homicides in one year were so many above the "average" that they had to make some allowances that there probably were some gangs and we're going to look into that by gum. Of course now it is the major driving force behind police policy making.

sig94 said...

LL - I had a drug deal gone wrong similar to that. Idiot blew his own brains out in the front seat of a Mustang II. It's a long story...

But then again, I've got quite a few of those.

Doom said...

Hey. I know they can murder, but I doubt if they could shoot someone in the butt or horn on purpose. It's probably just a normal stat with the number of shootings and poor aim. Especially since they are covering up the real murder rates. That's all I'm suggesting.

Yeah, politics is a bitch. The problem with using gang policy as general policy is that most people aren't in gangs. They need separate, legitimate, units. Hardcore for hardcore, pedestrian for Jimmy and Jane.