July 24, 2014

Double Your Fun

The Gilboa Snake, available in semi- or full automatic.

This weapon uses the gas piston system from one barrel to actuate the sear on the other barrel; this is very handy when you  absolutely, positively gotta have a double tap and only want to pull the trigger once.

Unfortunately this violates federal law in that a single trigger pull sends more than one bullet down range. So the gun is being reconfigured for the US civilian market with two triggers and 16" barrels. Since the triggers are close together, you can pull them both at once. Bada bing.

The rifle is manufactured by Silver Shadow, an Israeli arms manufacturer who markets the Gilboa rifle. Apparently Gilboa is in the process of completing an assembly plant in the US and will be marketing this rifle perhaps in the fall.

I can't say how useful this rifle would be but I understand the tactical reasoning for its development and I sure would like to have one just to hear people go "huh?"

And if that's not enough double barreled goodness for ya, there's this DIY pump action:


Doom said...

Not sure about practical. But they prove there is a bit of the artist, or art appreciation for some of us, in the heart of a gun lovers. Sometimes it's about the target, sometimes it's about the bang, sometimes it's just because?

sig94 said...

Doom - I agree; in 'Murica, it's just because we can.

WoFat said...

How very nice.

sig94 said...

WoFat - thought you'd like it.

Kid said...

Yea, that has it's uses.