August 22, 2014

No One's Innocent

Please stand back. Gene pool cleansing in operation.
Shasta County sheriff’s deputies say a man shot and killed another man apparently in self-defense Saturday afternoon at the Spring Branch Mobile Home Park in Mountain Gate.

The unidentified 38-year-old victim about 4:30 p.m. went to the Tunnel Road residence of his ex-girlfriend, Amanda Rizer, and became enraged that Matthew Robinson, 32, of Redding was there. The victim and Rizer shared a child in common and Saturday was the child’s first birthday, deputies said.

Robinson told deputies he recently started a relationship with Rizer.

The victim left after an argument, but returned 20 minutes later and said he was going to take the child, deputies said.

Robison had a .38-caliber handgun that he used to fire a warning shot when the victim advanced on him. Deputies say the victim got what appeared to be a 9mm-handgun from a vehicle and pointed it at Robinson, who, fearing for his safety, shot the victim once in the chest. The victim later died at Mercy Medical Center in Redding.

The victim’s pistol turned out to be a toy replica, deputies said.

After interviewing Robinson and Rizer, officers determined Robinson fired in self-defense, although the case will be reviewed by the Shasta County District Attorney's Office, deputies said.

Deputies say Robinson has a lengthy criminal history but no felony convictions.

The victim, who will be identified after his next of kin is notified of his death, also had a criminal history, deputies said. He was out on bail pending court proceedings for being a felon in possession of a firearm, possessing controlled substances for sale and possessing stolen property.

Deputies also said the vehicle that was driven by the victim had been reported as stolen out of Trinity County.

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Doom said...

Unfortunately, that is becoming much more of the normal than the exception. But the guilt isn't just personal, either. The state, by enacting more, and more serious, laws, at every level of government, which create criminality, then supporting the criminals they just minted and their philandering ways... It doesn't even stop there.

It's an industry. Not even a cottage one these days. Perhaps having a government that is too broke to try to micromanage Everyman isn't a bad thing.

c w swanson said...

I actually feel a little sorry for the victim. Life screwed up, no job other than illegal drug pedaling, and the mother of his kid is now with some other guy. Now he makes yet another bad decision, out of understandable frustration, and gets capped. Sorry end to a sad life. I sincerely hope his kid has it better.