October 8, 2014

Ebola - Obama Owns It

That's right Barak, you own it.

"Americans shouldn't be concerned about the prospects of contagion here in the United States, short term," Obama said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "Because this is not an airborne disease."
Obama stressed that the disease can only be transmitted through bodily fluids. And once the person carrying it is isolated and run through a tight protocol, it isn't difficult to contain. 

He admitted that Ebola is "breaking loose" in western Africa, due to poor quarantines and "people aren't being trained properly."

Quote here.

What's interesting is that the interweb tubes seemed to have been sanitized a bit, "scrubbed" if you wish, for this remark. This quote is from a September 7th posting on The Hill. Most every other quote I can find is about Obama fighting Ebola - but most dated no later than September 16th.

It costs about $1,400 to fly round trip from Liberia to the USA. The number of flights departing from Liberia has recently been drastically reduced.

The problem is this, how many people have already entered the country from this festering dump of a nation? Now  that five airports are being heavily monitored (we hope!), will desperate Ebola victims find other airports for entry?
From the above chart you can see that Atlanta, Miami and San Jose have the most flights from Liberia. International travel is not easy to monitor. This past August alone, Miami Airport processed 933,219 international passengers, over 12 million for this year so far.

While it is difficult to get 2014 West African native-born immigration statistics into the US, there are other sources that supply the number of immigrants from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea - the three countries where Ebola continues to spread uncontrollably. Between 2008 - 2012 the US Census Bureau reports that there were a total of 117,000 immigrants from these countries into the US. That's an average of 23,400 immigrants each year - almost a thousand a month from these three countries.

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